K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Warrior Tribes

Cypress Christian School uses a small group model to facilitate student development in the areas of Christian discipleship and Christian service. Since CCS is a school that emphasizes the study of Scripture, each one of these small groups is named after an Old Testament tribe of Israel or patriarch that our students learn about in our Bible classes. Individually, CCS students are known as “Warriors” since that is the school mascot; hence, the name “Warrior Tribes."

The 2019-2020 school year marks the fifth year for CCS to have these designated, high school discipleship groups. They are divided up and assigned to 14 different tribes (Asher, Benjamin, Dan, Ephraim, Gad, Issachar, Joseph, Judah, Levi, Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon and Zebulun) with CCS faculty and staff as adult tribal leaders. The tribes meet throughout the school year on the first Wednesday of every month for a time of fellowship, mentorship, discipleship and a little fun as well. The tribes discuss ways to get out into the community to serve others as well as ways to strengthen the 9th-12th grade culture on the CCS campus.

CCS wants each student to be a leader and have a heart of service because that’s the example set by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Warrior Tribe theme/vision this school year is focused on service based on the verse from Matthew 20:28, “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." The Warrior Tribe slogan is, “Give God Your 2’s and Watch What He Will Do.” The idea being to give God your 2 hands, feet, eyes, lips and ears, allowing Him to use them for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Dean of Students Craig Cleveland oversees the logistics for Warrior Tribes making sure the groups have all they need throughout the school year, assigning students to each tribe, encouraging and supporting the leaders, overseeing service projects and communicating with leaders to ensure the vision and theme of the discipleship groups is carried out.

Warrior Tribe Testimonials

Craig Cleveland (CCS Dean of Students, Teacher): "It is an honor to be a part of the Warrior Tribe discipleship groups and to see how God is going to use each tribe for service outreach and for His glory. My fourth period ninth grade Bible class said they enjoyed their first Warrior Tribe meeting of the year as it was fun playing games and talking about having an attitude of service."
Todd Elgie (CCS IT Director): “We've challenged the tribe of Judah to serve their friends, teachers, siblings and family - no matter how inconsequential or despite less than perfect motives. We want them to get in the habit of being a servant.”
Audrey Butler (Student): “I really like the Warrior Tribes because we get one-on-one time with the leaders. Also, we are teamed with students from other grades to help us get to know them and be able to interact with them outside of class and co-curricular activities."

Jackson Landrum (Student): "I like the tribes because you get to know people that you may not interact with on a daily basis at school. Also, Mr. Leonard is very funny and Mrs. Boyd brings very good snacks."