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2018 Run-4-Fun

2018 Brandon Vick Memorial Run-4-Fun

Our Run-4-Fun final tally hit $35,545.50 with Mrs. Richardson’s class winning the class competition by collecting $7,127.50. Prizes were awarded for the fastest boy and girl, as well as, money raised in each class. Dylan Holleman was a member of Mrs. Richardson’s class and raised the most money with $1,895. In fact, four of the top five money raisers were all in Mrs. Richardson’s class.

Fifth Grader, James Reeves was the fastest overall boy finishing 15 laps with a  pace of 8:26. The fastest overall girl (second only to Reeves) was third grader Selah Spenn, who completed 14 laps at a 8:57 pace. In total 253 runners completed 2,298 laps and covered 574.5 miles during the two races. Mrs. McKnight’s class was the fastest as they ran 9.8 laps per student in the class.  

Your donations support our Warrior Fund, and allow us to help the campus as a whole with items such as an on-site police officer, upgrade of computer equipment and tuition assistance for qualifying families.  In addition, your gifts are making it possible for our elementary students to enjoy a new water fountain on the playground and math manipulatives in the classroom.

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2018 Full Race Results

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