Seventh Grade Students Participate in Pine Cove Institute of Wilderness Studies

November 1, 2017


Seventh graders and 12 CCS faculty and staff members participated in Pine Cove’s Institute of Wilderness Studies (IWS) program in Columbus, Texas last Thursday and Friday. This exciting addition to the curriculum allows students to take what they are learning in Mrs. Hinn’s Life Science class and apply it in the outdoors. At Pine Cove IWS, students had access to resources such as challenge courses, parrots, snakes, canoes, zip lines, horseback riding, geo-tracking, star-gazing, climbing walls and laser games with instruction from Christian counselors. More than simply focusing on academic objectives, this experience meshed completely with the CCS mission statement by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values.

Students enjoyed getting to know each other and their teachers better as they traveled by bus to Pine Cove, ate together, bunked together (up to seven boys or girls and CCS chaperones in a cabin) and explored God’s magnificent creation together. All returned to their families on Friday evening tired but blessed by the opportunity of learning and growing together.

Seventh grader Eun Ju Seo reflected on her experience, “Pine Cove was such an amazing time when everyone got to bond with each other and have lots of fun! I especially enjoyed rock climbing because it motivated me to push myself and go farther up even though my arms were throbbing and my body was begging me to give up. My friends cheered me on and guided my steps.” Camper Ashnah Sandhu expressed, “My favorite things were horseback riding, ziplines and the barn swing . . ..” Samantha Frankio wrote, “The afternoon view from the zipline was peaceful and remarkable from up above.” Max Landrum noted, “My favorite part about Pine Cove was meal time. I didn’t like the food, but I liked yelling and playing games.” “Stargazing was really fun and interesting. I liked learning about all the different constellations,” stated Allie Crawford. Thomas Boyce summed up his trip by writing, “Pine Cove was a great place! . . . It definitely beats being at school all day, right?”