NJHS Serves at Kids Meals

October 26, 2017


Thirty Middle School National Junior Honor Society members had a chance to serve at Kids Meals of Houston during one of two different field trips this month. Kids Meals of Houston characterizes itself as “Meals on Wheels for Preschool Children”. The organization makes sure that over 2,000 lunches are made and delivered to preschool age children every week, Monday through Friday. These children often wake not knowing where their next meal will come from. While older siblings are able to get nutritious meals at school, these preschool children are not in school and often do not have access to the food they need.

NJHS members loved the opportunity to make lunches for these children, and to make bags to give to families that contain other staples that parents can use to prepare meals for their families. Our NJHS members worked hard, had fun and accomplished all that Kids Meals needed to accomplish on each of the days they served. All enthusiastically agreed that it was a wonderful opportunity to represent Christ and to serve others in our Houston community!