Middle School Parents Invited to Academic Festival and Fairs

February 23, 2017

Parents are invited to attend the following middle school events. Please watch for information from middle school teachers with details and times for each event. Go, Middle School Warriors!

Sixth Grade Greek Festival - March 9
Sixth graders will participate in the annual Greek Festival at the conclusion of their unit on Ancient Greece. Students will spend the day participating in a variety of activities including:

  • Olympic event finals
  • Quiz bowls
  • Various competitions
  • Crowning of the top City-States (one from each class period)

Seventh Grade Texas History Fair - March 9-10
The Texas History Fair is a co-curricular event integrating skills from English, writing, history, and Bible classes. Students have selected a topic from a large list of famous Texans ranging from historical figures to politicians to entertainers. Since early January, students have immersed themselves in the life of their Texan by researching, writing and creating a scrapbook which incorporates several genres of writing. Pages highlight various aspects from the Texan’s life.

  • March 9 - Presentations held throughout the day in classroom A-9
  • March 9 - Reception & scrapbook display in classroom A-10
  • March 10 - Awards

Eighth Grade Science Fair - March 6-7
Students are required to identify a topic that interests them and design a controlled experiment on that topic; conduct the experiment; collect data, develop graphs and plots, measure results and understand what caused those results; perform scientific research on their topic and write a full research report on that topic; create a display board that detailed the entire process; prepare and deliver a presentation about their research project to judges and work closely with English and Bible teachers to perform online research and write research reports. 

  • March 6 - Students set up Science Fair display boards in the gym for parent viewing.
  • March 7 - Students will be called to present their findings to the Science Fair judges.