Junior Leadership Retreat

May 18, 2017


The junior class traveled to Camp Allen for a time of leadership and team building. The class was divided into three smaller groups and taken through a series of low and high ropes activities designed to build relationships and leadership skills. The activities were geared towards different skill sets meant to build confidence, teamwork, and trust resulting in different leaders stepping forward.

One highlight of the day was watching students climb the 40 foot pole and jump off of it to a trapeze before being lowered to the ground. The encouragement that students had for each other was great to see. This was especially true when Caroline Wax climbed the pole with Amy Hoang to help her to do something she had never even seen before or believed she could do.

The goal for the retreat was to set the tone for the junior class as they prepare to be the leaders of the school and to build stronger relationships within the class as they enter into their senior year at CCS.