ASL Students Test New Hearing Aids

March 3, 2013

American Sign Language 1 Class
ASL teacher Becky Jungklaus brought old hearing aids and new blue tooth smart hearing aids to school so the students could hear the difference between the two types of aids. In the ASL1 class, Lauren Cato listened and compared the two different types of hearing aids and then cleaned each one. ASL students were so amazed at how the hearing aids work.

"The technology for the hearing aids has improved," said Mrs. Jungklaus. "My new hearing aids have digital programmable signals. A computer chip in the aid analyzes the signals to determine whether the sound is noise or speech. It then makes modifications to provide a clear, amplified, distortion-free signal." ASL student Ana Cowen commented, “Wow, I want one of these.” She was so thrilled that she could hear better with the new type of hearing aid.

American Sign Language 3 Class
ASL3 students greeted former CCS ASL teacher Michele Menefee with smiles and signing. Ms. Menefee mentioned that her former students’ signing have definitely improved. During class, ASL teacher Becky Jungklaus interviewed Ms. Menefee about her personal experiences interpreting for the Deaf.