ACSI Speech Meet Winners 2017

April 5, 2017

Thirty-eight elementary students competed in the district ACSI Speech Meet and brought home top honors in poetry, Bible memorization, fable and folklore, and dramatic Bible prose. CCS is proud of their hard work.

Poetry – First Grade

  • Maddy Kate Murray:  Superior, 2nd place
  • Presley Stavinoha: Superior
  • Sydney Swan: Excellent
  • Jacoby Tackett: Superior

Bible Memorization – First Grade

  • Owen Layton: Superior, 2nd place
  • Allie Kate Stovall: Superior, 3rd place
  • Addison Wilhelm: Excellent

Poetry – Second Grade

  • Corinne Haudek: Superior
  • Zachary Powers: Superior, 2nd place
  • Caitlyn Waller: Superior

Bible Memorization – Second Grade

  • Caleb Poirrier: Superior
  • Ali Wills: Superior, 2nd place
  • Emma Zugheri: Superior

Fable and Folklore – Second Grade

  • Max Ferrell: Superior 1

Poetry – Third Grade

  • Autumn Elkins: Excellent
  • Finn Howren: Superior, 3rd place
  • Corinne Keim: Superior, 1st place

Bible Memorization – Third Grade

  • Preston Elliott: Excellent
  • Theodore Painter: Good

Fable Folklore – Third Grade

  • Zoe Brashier: Superior, 1
  • Gabe Caldwell: Superior
  • Xio Sanchez: Superior

Poetry – Fourth Grade

  • Kennedy Schwartz: Superior
  • Beckett Swinney: Superior, 3rd place
  • Adam Williams: Superior

Bible Memorization – Fourth Grade

  • Ryan Fisk: Superior
  • Carson Spenn: Superior
  • Ester Torres-Pinheiro: Superior, 1st place

Fable and Folklore – Fourth Grade

  • Rowan Smith: Superior, 3rd place
  • Kacey Trieu: Superior
  • Barrett Wilhelm: Superior

Poetry – Fifth Grade

  • Jackson Broussard: Excellent
  • Alex Slabic: Excellent
  • Luke Wisebaker: Excellent

Bible Memorization – Fifth Grade

  • Keaton Barbisch: Superior, 1st place
  • Sam Girard: Superior, 3rd place
  • Sophia Swanton: Superior, 2nd place

Dramatic Bible Prose – Fifth Grade

  • Ethan John: Superior, 1st place