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Warrior Soccer

When the temperature begins to drop outside the Warrior Soccer program knows it is time to take the field. This season saw an exciting addition, with CCS adding a junior varsity Lady Warrior soccer team, coached by CCS Spanish teacher, Helmuth Dubon. This group had the opportunity to play the first official match of the year. The junior varsity team has struggled so far on the scoreboard, but they are improving rapidly, and their hard work will pay off as they continue to build their soccer skills.

The varsity Lady Warriors started the season by playing HCYA to a scrappy 0-0 tie and followed it up with a 4-1 victory over the visiting 6A St. Mary’s Hall Barons from San Antonio. After the match versus St. Mary’s Hall, the two teams met in the CCS cafeteria and ate dinner together. Varsity Head Coach Jeff Mudrow said, “It is important for the girls to learn that they can be fierce competitors on the soccer field, but when the final whistle blows, we can all gather together as friends.”

On the boy’s side, the team is getting in some difficult early season work against HCYA and Logos Prep while they wait for the full roster to join them at the end of football season.

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