K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Cheer Banquet & Awards

The 2020-2021 cheer season ended with a banquet last Sunday. The girls were celebrated by honoring the hard work and success of the team. It was a great season, regardless of the craziness of this year. The team proudly cheered our Warrior football team to the state championship game while creating many memories that we will keep close to our hearts forever. Thank you Cypress Christian varsity cheer for an awesome year!

Kynsie Ramirez was given the "Rookie of the Year Award." This award is given to a person who is the top-performing athlete in her first season.

Ava Dugger was given the "Heart of a Warrior Award." This award means that they love what they are doing. They have a heart that is loving, strong, kind and willing to be there to be positive when it’s not easy.

Maya Fleishhauer was given the "Lifesaver Award." This award is given to someone who saves the team. It can be mentally, spiritually or physically and with a want-to attitude.

Claire Achterkirch was given the "Timothy Award." This award is given to a person who is a great example of how we can live our lives and our spiritual lives. 

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