K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

2020 Softball

With a pause put on the softball season, we want to recognize the contributions of our senior athletes.

Audrey Butler – Audrey knew that this year was a building year for our softball program, and she was determined to come and invest not just in her final season, but in helping lead the future team that was forming. She really did understand that leadership and setting a culture began with a longer view than just herself. She worked hard, improved immensely in our short time together, and provided much-needed support and care for some of our younger players. This really showed her character, even in just a short time on the field! Coach Matt Roberson is super proud of her, loves her to death, and is honored to be her coach this year!

Abigail Davis – Abigail just exudes joy all the time and she’s had some reasons to be everything but joyful. With an injury to her knee toward the end of the soccer season, she was uncertain she’d even get to take the field at all her senior year. That said, she never missed a practice, always had a smile on her face and finally hit her first home run (in practice, but still)!  Abigail raises the water level wherever she goes – you cannot be angry and be with Abigail. Her energy and passion are contagious. She’s a great player and an even better human!

We are proud of you, Warriors!

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