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2020 Baseball

What can tell the story of a season that is suspended with only a third of it completed? Baseball, loved by many for the beauty of its action, is also a game of numbers. All seven Warriors in the class of 2020 collected double-digit hit totals in a mere 13 games played, with 30 extra base hits. Even then, hits and home runs, saves and strikeouts, only paint a picture in black and white; a measurement, that while accurate, belies the story witnessed by our friends, families and coaches. How can we quantify the number of times our Warriors in the class of 2020 persevered, encouraged or sacrificed for a brother? We can't, but we all witnessed it. Time after time, our seniors represented their families and our school in a way such that will not soon be forgotten.

Who was more enthusiastic to set up or take down our gear than Luke Thompson and Andrew Hoegsberg? Big, strong, happy guys carrying mats and nets for the team.

The happiest moment for Drue Hirth so far this season? A super-cuddly puppy ran onto the field at a tournament game and Drue couldn't stop smiling.

Sometimes CCS baseball practices overlapped and if you watched carefully, you would have found Zach Zapata helping younger Warriors with mechanics and approaches to hitting the fastball.

Clayton Dean brings a powerful presence to the Warrior lineup. He has modeled the bigger, stronger, faster mantra for our program.

Brady Braun was the last guy out of the dugout every game. Really, every single game. Why? Brady picked up trash and extra gear in order to lead by example.

JT Tackett loves to read Shakespeare and throw nasty change-ups, but even more than that, he loves to share with his teammates. Pitch sequences, the defensive approach at first base or even the shape of the opposing pitcher's curveball, if he can help a teammate, he will. Every single time.

Warrior baseball is eagerly anticipating the completion of a great season.

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