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2019 Athletics Awards

On Thursday, May 23, 2019, the Cypress Christian School Athletics Department hosted an awards night in the East Gym.

The opportunity to be challenged and reach toward a goal together with your teammates is a privilege that our student-athletes have shared regardless of their season outcomes. The courage and grit to go toe-to-toe with an opponent teaches us how to maintain our character and fight for our teammates and for victory. Our coaches have helped guide and celebrate victories that are both on the scoreboard and in the heart of personal and team achievement. What a wonderful year it has been!

Team results for 2018-2019:

Football – Elite Eight

Volleyball – Elite Eight

Cross Country – Girls First in District

Cheer – FCC Champions

Girls Soccer – Elite Eight

Girls Track – 2nd in District, Third in Regional, 5th in State

Boys Track – 2nd in District

Baseball – Area Round

Golf -Girls Individual to Regional


Offensive Player of the Year:

JV Volleyball – Rebekah Kooiman

Varsity Volleyball – Emily Nicholson

JV Football - Michael Slabic

Varsity Football - Joseph Carbone

Varsity Basketball Girls - Molly Mitton

JV Basketball Boys - Will Hotchkkiss

Varsity Basketball Boys - Nevin Graves

Varsity Soccer – Christian Andrus

JV Baseball – Cole Wisenbaker

Varsity Baseball - Drue Hirth

Softball - Caroline Usry


Defensive Player of the Year:

Varsity Volleyball – Danielle Moreira

JV Football - Greyson Beckman

Varsity Football - Daniel Macune

Varsity Basketball – Grace Macune

JV Basketball Boys - Michael Slabic

Varsity Basketball Boys - JP Ademola

Varsity Soccer – Jackson Landrum

JV Baseball – Greyson Beckman

Varsity Baseball – Zach Zapata

Softball - Alexis Vaughn


Most Valuable Player:

JV Volleyball - Abigail Davis

Varsity Volleyball - Alexis Vaughn

Cross Country Girls - Sophia Slabic

Varsity Football - Christian Fleischhauer

Varsity Basketball Girls - Sophia Slabic

JV Basketball Boys - Will Hotchkiss

Varsity Basketball Boys - Nevin Graves

Varsity Soccer – Cole Greenberg

JV Baseball – Pearson Pollard

Varsity Baseball - Joseph Carbone

Softball - Samantha Grabowski

Boys Track - Jacob Hotchkiss

Girls Track - Delaney Heath

Golf - Elizabeth Richardson

Girls Swim - Molly Mitton

Boys Swim - Elliott Jones


Timothy Award:

The Timothy Award is one of the highest awards given to a team member. This award is based on Timothy from the Bible, a young man who was strong in his faith and was willing to take a stand even though he was young. Paul even encourages him to stand strong in his youth, even when circumstances are hard. As Christians, we all know how hard it is to take a stand and athletic events are a true test. This is the award that we give to that individual who has indeed worked hard, has stayed consistent for a long time, encourages their teammates, and tries their best to do the right thing. “The winners of the Timothy Awards are athletes who look for ways to go above and beyond in ways that they show their Christian faith while competing

JV Volleyball - Mackenzie Henslee

Varsity Volleyball - Molly Mitton

Cross Country – Ben Bezner

Varsity Football - Collin Tate and Cory Chapman

Cheer - Maddie Beckmeier

Varsity Basketball Girls - Sophia Slabic

JV Basketball Boys - Griffin Fisk

Varsity Basketball Boys - Josh Yough

JV Soccer Girls - Susannah Hotchkiss

Varsity Soccer Girls – Madison Wahl

Soccer Boys- Beto Vasquez

Swim - Koedi Nealy

JV Baseball – Jacob Patterson

Varsity Baseball – Reid Chapman

Softball - Abigail Davis

Boys Track - Daniel Macune

Girls Track - Amanda Boyd


The TAPPS All-District, All-Region and All-State awards were voted on by the coaches of the district schools CCS plays against. These coaches might a student one or two times per year but in those few moments they really stood out.


TAPPS All-District Honors:


Honorable Mention Team: Isabelle Henslee, Abigail Gilreath

Second Team: Danielle Moreira

First Team: Melanie Alvarez, Alexis Vaughn


Cross Country:

First Team: Sophia Slabic, Emma Muehlenbrock, Casey Barbisch



Honorable Mention Defense: Jacob Moran, Jack Ellisor, Collin Tate, Griffin Fisk

Second Team Defense: Lawson Ellisor, Daniel Macune, Cory Chapman, Jackson Landrum

Second Team Offense: Collin Tate, Jackson Landrum, Reid chapman, Garrett Townsend

First Team Defense: Wesley Hong, Christian Fleischhauer

First Team Offense: Joseph Carbone, Christian Fleischhauer

Girls Basketball:

HM Team: Lynden Yough

Second Team: Molly Mitton

First Team: Sophia Slabic


Boys Basketball:

Honorable Mention Team: JP Ademola

Second Team: Nevin Graves


Girls Soccer:

Honorable Mention Team Midfield: Emma Muehlenbrock, Kara Otts

Second Team Defense: Amanda Boyd

First Team Offense: Faith Cullison

First Team Midfield: Rachel Smith

First Team Defense:  Lauren Storey

First Team Keeper: Abigail Davis



Honorable Mention: Tucker Fredrickson, Cory Chapman

Second Team: Drue Hirth, Luke Thompson

First Team: Joseph Carbone, JT Mounce, J.T. Tackett, Clayton Dean


Track & Field:

Honorable Mention Team Girls: Paige Jackson, Sophia Slabic

Honorable Mention Team Boys: Landen Overton, Daniel Macune, Andrew Bezner, Jackson Landrum, Blake Stovall, Michael Slabic, Noah Parker, Lawson Ellisor, Gavin Duke, Andrew Smith, Cullen Spadachene

Second Team Girls:  Emma Muehlenbrock, Lauren Storey

Second Team Boys:  Wesley Hong

First Team Girls:  Katherine Echols, Olivia Velez, Avery Smith, Delaney Heath, Abbie Hirth, Amanda Boyd, Angelina Holl

First Team Boys:  Connor Newell, Jacob Hotchkiss



Honorable Mention Girls: Elizabeth Richardson


TAPPS All-Region Honors:

Track & Field:

Honorable Mention Team Girls: Rachel Smith, Avery Smith, Amanda Boyd, Angelina Holl, Katherine Echols

Honorable Mention Team Boys: Jacob Hotchkiss, Andrew Smith

Second Team Girls: Emma Muehlenbrock, Lauren Storey, Delaney Heath

Second Team Boys: Connor Newell

First Team Girls: Abbie Hirth



Honorable Mention Team Girls: Molly Mitton, Libby Mitton, Danielle Moreira, Camryn Whitmarsh, Lauren Whitmarsh

Honorable Mention Team Boys: Konnor Kovacs, Connor Newell, Collin Tate, Preston Witschonke

First Team Boys: Elliott Jones

Swimmer of the Meet - Elliott Jones


TAPPS All-State Honors:


Honorable Mention: Alexis Vaughn



Second Team Defense: Christian Fleischhauer

First Team Offense: Christian Fleischhauer, Joseph Carbone  


Girls Soccer:

Honorable Mention Team: Rachel Smith

Second Team: Abigail Davis, Faith Cullison

First Team: Lauren Storey



Second Team: Abbie Hirth, Brinley Farque, Jenna Hall

First Team: Avery Smith, Gabby Kostecki


Boys Swim:

First Team: Elliott Jones

·        Elliott set a new state record in Tapps Div II in 100 yd back stroke and 200 yd IM. He receives two plaques for these records.

·        Elliott also earned All-State honors from the Texas Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association.



Honorable Mention Team:  J.T. Tackett, JT Mounce

Second Team: Joseph Carbone


Track & Field:

Honorable Mention Team Girls: Delaney Heath, Rachel Smith, Emma Muehlenbrock, Avery Smith

Second Team Girls: Abbie Hirth                                   


Academic All-State Honors:

Academic excellence is a core value of the CCS mission statement. The Academic All-State award provides an opportunity to recognize individual students who were true to CCS core values and thrived for excellence on the court, field and classroom. This award is given to athletes that have not only shown tremendous ability on the field, but they have also shown themselves to be dedicated students in the classroom. These students must be a junior or a senior, have been named to the All-District team and must also have an academic average of 90% or better. In individual events, students must qualify for State and be juniors or seniors with an academic average of 90 or better. This award is the definition of excellence.

Alexis Vaughn - Volleyball

Melanie Alvarez - Volleyball

Danielle Moreira - Volleyball, Swim

Daniel Macune - Football

Collin Tate - Football, Swim

Cory Chapman - Football

Jackson Landrum - Football

Joseph Carbone - Football, Baseball

Lawson Ellisor - Football

Wesley Hong - Football

Reid Chapman - Football

Sophia Slabic - Cross Country, Basketball

Molly Mitton - Volleyball, Basketball, Swim

Connor Newell - Swim, Track

Elliott Jones – Swim

Konnor Kovacs – Swim

Abigail Davis – Soccer

Amanda Boyd – Soccer, Track

Lauren Storey – Soccer, Track

Emma Muehlenbrock - Track

Angelina Holl - Track

Avery Smith - Track

Delaney Heath – Track

Katherine Echols – Track

Jacob Hotchkiss - Track

 Clayton Dean – Baseball

JT Mounce – Baseball

Luke Thompson – Baseball


Multi-Sport Athlete Award:

Our athletes spend 20-30 hours per week at practices and games and this is in addition to the hours they spend each week in the classroom and working on homework. Some athletes have chosen to participate in two or three sports this school year and a few athletes have played multiple sports for multiple years. The athletes receiving this award have played two or more sports each year for at least three years, including their senior year.

Halle Bittick – Cross Country, Soccer

Lauren Muehlenbrock – Cross Country, Track

Ben Bezner – Cross Country, Soccer

Olivia Velez – Cross Country, Soccer

Susannah Hotchkiss – Cross Country, Track

Danielle Moreira – Volleyball, Swimming

Wesley Hong – Football, Track

Joseph Carbone – Football, Baseball

Cory Chapman – Football, Baseball

Reid Chapman – Football, Baseball

Christian Fleischhauer – Football, Baseball

Jason Hall – Cross Country, Golf

Jacob Hall – Cross Country, Golf

Garrett Velez – Cross Country, Track

Jacob Hotchkiss – Cross Country, Track

Landen Overton – Cross Country, Track

Emma Muehlenbrock – Cross Country, Soccer, Track

Sophia Slabic – Cross Country, Basketball, Track

Molly Mitton – Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming

Amanda Boyd – Cross Country, Soccer, Track

Lauren Storey – Cross Country, Soccer, Track

Beto Vasquez – Cross Country, Soccer, Track

Collin Tate – Football, Basketball, Swim

Daniel Macune – Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Track


Valiant Warrior Award:

The Valiant Warrior Award is given to one male and one female senior student who is recognized for excellence in athletics through leadership, determination, sportsmanship, Christian character, academic achievements and integrity.

The young lady who was voted as our Valiant Warrior for 2018-2019 is a bright light. She is a hard worker but loves to have fun. Her positive energy, excitement and perseverance through all challenges has been an encouragement to her teammates. She is diligent in all she does and others see the difference she makes. She commits to playing her role well, but spends time sharing with her teammates to make the team better. She is her teammates’ biggest fan and she is willing to play where she is needed. She is a competitor and will stand up to anyone, while appreciating their strengths and looking to improve herself.

She has earned All-District and Academic All-State awards in her sports and she began a new sport her senior year and immediately rose to the top.

Behind that sweet smile and fun-loving personality is a young lady who strives to be the best in everything she does, but not for the recognition. That is how God made her. She is a natural athlete and she has been a joy to coach, as all the coaches will testify. She was incredible on the net, in the pool and on the basketball court every year. This year she added softball to her list and made a big difference. Our Valiant Warrior is Molly Mitton.


As we considered the tremendous athletes in this year’s senior class we looked for athletes who are dedicated and committed to their sport and to their teammates…a young man who will lead his team by example, setting the standard high. We look for his classroom abilities and the determination he possesses to continue through adversity as well as the good times. As we looked through many great candidates one man stood out as our Valiant Warrior for 2019.

This young man is one of the best examples of excellence on the field and in the classroom. He is a great team player, supporting them, encouraging them and giving his best, leading by example. He is a diligent worker in the classroom and on the field. He is truly committed to all that he tackles (pun intended). This young man has given his all for four years in football, cross country, soccer and track & field. His determination and diligence has earned him an appointment to The U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He looks at challenges as exciting and he is going to continue to be a big success because he understands the value of hard work. This young man is an inspiration to players, coaches and administrators. Please join me in welcoming our 2019 Valiant Warrior, Daniel Macune.

He is receiving another award tonight. Each year high school football coaches may nominate a player for the Brandon Burlsworth Character Award. This year Daniel Macune is the recipient of this award for his Outstanding Character and Sportsmanship.


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