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Class of 2008 Gathers for Reunion on CCS Campus

Members of the class of 2008 recently gathered together at CCS to tour the campus, reminisce and enjoy being together once again at their alma mater.

Former classmates and their families enjoyed walking the campus and were pleasantly surprised and excited as they toured the newly constructed buildings and resource areas. The grads commented about how much has changed - especially the addition of the East Gym. They loved the gym with the wooden floor, the amazing trophy case, the Spirit Store, athletic areas, offices and the fun and inviting feel of the building. They also toured the new library in the Secondary A Building, the new portable classrooms, the weight room and the elementary playground.

The best part of the event for the group was walking the familiar halls of the buildings where they attended class. “It was especially fun getting to visit old classrooms and talking about the fun memories we shared,” said Samantha Ridder Finley. “I’m really glad we got together. We see each other regularly, but it’s different getting to spend time on the old stomping grounds.”

Class president and event organizer Nick Yalamanchili was very thankful for the reunion. He said, “It’s really awesome to see how much CCS has grown. The new facilities are spectacular! We all had a blast, and it was great catching up with friends. It's amazing how many memories came flooding back as we walked through the buildings.” He enjoyed finding his old locker and enjoyed joining the group to point out trophies that were awarded during their time at CCS.

The group concluded their tour by visiting math teacher Lynwood Brown’s classroom. They recalled his humor and specific “Mr. Brown” phrases that made them laugh and greatly enjoy his class. To let Mr. Brown know how much they appreciated him, the group left messages on his whiteboard for him to find on Monday morning.

Genesis Devine Luna was thankful for the group’s time together too. She enjoyed meeting spouses and little ones and said, “Hopefully even more alumni will attend future reunions. They won’t regret it. Go, Warriors!”

Thanks to Nick Yalamanchili for organizing the event along with CCS Director of Advancement Mr. Robert White. And, thanks to class members and their families who attended the event.

If your graduating class would like to organize an on-campus reunion, please email Alumni@CypressChristian.org. We look forward to visiting with you and your families.