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Alumni Newsletter - April 2019

Samantha Longridge (’16), who was recently engaged to Dawson Odom (a fellow Aggie), is majoring in oceanography and minoring in math at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. As part of her studies, she has participated in research cruises to assess the condition of Galveston Bay, with the first cruise being in response to Hurricane Harvey, and her most recent research cruise taking place two days after the ITC fire in Deer Park, TX. Samantha says, “Galveston Bay is a hot spot to study because it is economically and ecologically significant - being affected by a large population and the petrochemical complex.” To test the effects of the fire and chemical spill on Galveston Bay, their group was able to add additional test stations close to Deer Park. Crew members say they went as close to the ITC site as the U.S Coast Guard would allow them.

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