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Alumni News - January 2020

Steven Dansby (’05) coached the CCS middle school boys B basketball team this season. “He did a great job of teaching the game to his players,” says Head Middle School Basketball Coach Craig Cleveland. “It was an honor to have Steven, one of my former players, coach alongside me this season. Steven was an outstanding student and player while attending CCS, helping us win the state championship his senior year. The same work ethic that he had as a student-athlete was displayed this season as he coached his team. Coach Dansby did a great job of teaching on-court fundamentals and game strategy to all the middle school players. As a former, high-level player, Coach Dansby was also able to give the players great insight into the mind of an athlete and the mental approach of how to play the game. I was very proud of Coach Dansby and the work he did this season. The middle school boys basketball program benefited greatly by having him on staff, and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

This month, the Warrior Alumni Association is pleased to feature graduates who are serving their communities in the areas of athletics, law, law enforcement, medicine, military service, missions, homeless services and consumer services. CCS is very proud of these Warriors, and thankful for how they are serving God’s people and impacting our world. Click here to read more about Steven Dansby and other CCS alumni.

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