Tuition Assistance

In partnership with generous donors, CCS operates a need-based assistance program for enrolled families. Tuition assistance decisions are based on the availability of school resources and the amount of verified tuition assistance needs each school year.

CCS utilizes FACTS Grant & Aid (FG&A) to streamline the financial aid assessment process. Families submit an application and supporting documents such as tax returns and pay statements through a secure portal, and FG&A makes recommendations to CCS based on data collected. In addition to FG&A’s recommendations, each family’s financial and personal situation is considered. In some cases, a home visit is required. Please know that we have the utmost respect for your privacy, and all information is held in strict confidence.

Tuition assistance may be awarded annually to assist with the payment of tuition. Tuition assistance does not cover application/enrollment fees, student fees or other optional or required fees. Tuition Assistance is generally provided in a prorated system through the school year but will not be applied retroactively.

Once awarded, the student(s) and parent(s) must remain in good financial, conduct and academic standing with the school as a condition of assistance being continued.

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