K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Secondary News

One Act Play Team Places Third in State

On Friday, November 12 and 13, Cypress Christian School’s One Act Play students competed in the TAPPS State One Act Play Competition in Kerrville, TX with their performance of Antigone in Munich by Claudia Haas.

NHS Serves at the Houston Food Bank

Students from the CCS National Honor Society, along with Mr. Albers, Mr. Nugent and Coach Begnoche, volunteered at the Houston Food Bank from 8 a.m. to noon on November 16.

Drum Along the Brazos

On November 6, the Warrior Drumline participated in the Drum Along the Brazos drumline competition hosted by College Station High School. The Warrior Drumline had one of their best performances of the year.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of taking apart an object. But why would we need to take the time to take something apart?

Warrior Drama Students are State Bound!

On Thursday, October 28, Cypress Christian School’s One Act Play students competed in the Division II, District 4 TAPPS One Act Play Competition in Huntsville, TX with their performance of Antigone in Munich by Claudia Haas.

Yearbook Staff Hard at Work

The yearbook staff is almost done with their first set of page spreads. This week they completed the second round of edits, and the final copy is due next Tuesday

High School Students Serve with Dr. Morales

On Sunday, October 31, seniors, Griffin Fisk and Jackson Braun, and junior, Price Schultea, volunteered to help Dr. Morales run booths at Market Street Baptist Church’s annual community outreach event where Dr. Morales is the pastor.

One Act Play Performance - Antigone in Munich

Cypress Christian School’s advanced drama class had the honor of performing for our secondary student body this Wednesday during chapel. Their show, Antigone in Munich, will also be performed for CCS families at The MET Church Student Building on Saturday, October 23 at 6 p.m.

National Merit Commended Students

Dr. Berens announced on Wednesday that Audrey Mills, Anthony Shatby, Jackson Owen, Jacob Swan and Isabella Henslee have been named Commended Students in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program.

National Art Honor Society

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) had its first meeting on Wednesday, September 22 during lunch to greet their new members and go over what is ahead for them in their art community service, projects and activities for this school year.

Building a Bridge

Mrs. Yaw's engineering students now have a better understanding of the design considerations that go into building a bridge. Building a bridge is not just a matter of science but also contains an understanding of social studies as well as mathematics. The roles on the "construction-site" teams consisted of project manager/builder, architect/builder and accountant/builder.

Seventh-Grade Boys Bible

Coach Bretz's two seventh-grade classes opened up the year by reading Tim Tebow's book "Shaken". The main theme of the book is that our identity is defined not by changing circumstances, but by an unchanging God.

Civil Engineering

The engineering classes recently studied civil engineering. Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally-built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings and railways.

Bible Patriarchs Project

Ninth and tenth-grade students spent a week studying the ways that God worked through the lives of the patriarchs in Genesis (Isaac, Jacob and Joseph).

Design Process Loop

The principles of engineering classes and the honors engineering class were tasked to create a package that would protect an egg from breaking after being dropped from the football stadium stands. A real life application helped give the egg drop challenge a new meaning and purpose.

Learning About our Creator

In Mr. Nugent's senior Bible class, students were put into small groups and given some clay. They were to “create” a new person or creature that would be with them all the time.

Honors Engineering

The honors engineering class was given an impromptu group design project.

AP World History

Dr. Morales’ AP World History students participated in creative chatter to review for the Classical Era unit exam.

College Application Party

The Class of 2022 got together last week to celebrate the end of their last summer as high school students and the beginning of their journey to college!

Yearbook Staff Already Hard at Work

After submitting the final pages for the 2021 yearbook on June 14, the Impact yearbook staff members are already hard at work on the 2022 book.

CCS is Top 4A School in Texas!

CCS has won the 2020-2021 4A Henderson Cup for the first time in school history. The Henderson Cup is awarded to the best overall private school in Texas based on achievement in academics, fine arts and athletics competitions throughout the school year

Students Successfully Complete AP Capstone Program

Original research was conducted this year by six members of the Class of 2021. We are pleased to announce that all students successfully completed the AP Research Academic Paper and Presentation.

High School Art Program is 2021 TAPPS 4A State Runner-Up

Cypress Christian School high school visual artists have created exceptional art during this past year of challenges. The annual TAPPS Art Competition was all online this year and the results are in and the CCS high school art program is 2021 TAPPS 4A State Runner-Up!

ACSI Art Festival Winners 2021

The ACSI Art Festival for this year was held on an online platform and the judging was much more intense for this challenging year.

National Honor Society (NHS) Officers Named

NHS Officers for the 2021-2022 school year are (l-r) Treasurer: Anthony Shatby, Vice President: Makaylah Williams, President: Griffin Fisk, Chaplain: McKenzie Davenport, Historian: Jackson Braun and Secretary: Gillian Storey.

Sixth-Grade Skatepark

Sixth-grade students finished up the year with a hands-on exploration of the physics of motion. 

Seventh-Grade Bible Bowl

This year, the seventh-grade Bible classes participated in a friendly Bible knowledge competition. 

Forensic Science

Forensic Science students completed the year by collecting and analyzing evidence from the scene of a document theft.

NAHS Grid Art Project

CCS National Art Honor Society finished their year with their annual “Grid Art Project” where each member completes a square for the final art piece.

NAHS Raises Money for Charity

The members of the National Art Honor Society with the help of CCS secondary art students were able to raise $1,000 in donations for the Boys & Girls Country with their The Wizard of Oz-themed art.

Introduction to Drumline and Field Band

This quarter, our seventh-graders could choose Introduction to Drumline and Field Band for their elective. Dr. Chris Witschonke meets at 8 a.m. each morning with these budding musicians, and they are having a BLAST!

Rocket Science

The engineering class explored the field of aerospace engineering. A calculated worksheet activity demonstrated the possible height and projection of different model rockets based on the type of rocket and engine used.

It's All Greek to Me!

Sixth-grade Warriors researched and learned all about Ancient Greece. Students were sorted into groups to compete among the classes in both daily academic tasks and Olympic-style athletic events

Seventh-Grade History Fair 2020-2021

Seventh-grade students became immersed in the life of their Texan by researching, writing and creating a PowerPoint presentation that incorporated several genres of writing.

National Art Honor Society Elementary Art Project

NAHS members recently worked on a CCS community art project for the Elementary After School Care students. Many of the members worked on supply packets to be used by the elementary students to create their own jumping jack puppet.

CCS Artists Win at Pearl

Congratulations go to Lynden Yough and Justin Kostecki for being winners in the Pearl Museum of Fine Arts Student Art Contest.

Abigail Sanders Named Western Art Academy Alternate

Upon winning the Scholastic Achievement Award from the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art competition, Abigail completed the scholarship application process for the Western Art Academy Summer Art program in Kerrville, Texas.

Mechanical Engineering and Catapults

This year, students reinforced their understanding of compound machines by building a catapult. This compound machine consists of a lever and a wheel-and-axle.

Who Needs Math?

Just before Spring Break, sixth-grade students finished a project that allowed them to explore this age-old question. Students selected a job that interested them and then had to interview someone who holds that position. The purpose of the project was to find out how math is used in the job and then present the information to others by creating a poster.

Spanish III Honors is Really Cooking Now!

The Spanish III Honors class gave oral presentations about authentic Spanish and Latin American cuisine this past weekend. Each student selected a recipe to make and brought all of their supplies to the Stricklin’s home on Sunday, March 7.

Biology Students Learn from Dissection

While covering the anatomy unit in Biology, students dissected cow eyes and learned about each structure and its function. Students discovered the tapetum lucidum layer which reflects light and causes the eyes of many animals such as cows, deer, cats and dogs to “glow” at night.

Rodeo Art 2021

On Tuesday, January 19, the Private and Parochial School Rodeo Art competition judging took place at NRG Stadium. All entries were delivered on Tuesday and returned Wednesday after the judging. CCS middle school and high school students entered and all received Finalists ribbons in their respective divisions.

TAPPS Fall Photo Contest

This fall, high school photography students entered the TAPPS Photo Contest. With over 800 entries and 36 schools participating, our Warrior photographers earned eight awards for their hard work.

National Art Honor Society Juried Exhibition

The annual National Art Honor Society/National Junior Art Honor Society (NAHS/NJAHS) Juried Exhibition showcases the artwork of talented student artists who are members of the NAHS/NJAHS programs.

Calculus Honors Derivatives Game

The Calculus Honors class had fun with derivatives by creating board games. Each team determined the style and structure of the board game they wanted to create. They also had to decide what makes a board game fun. 

Energy Interactive Lapbook

Sixth-grade students created an “energy interactive lapbook” as they learned concepts related to energy.

ACSI Spell-Off

The top three spelling bee winners in grades 5-8 competed in the ACSI Spell-Off on Wednesday, December 9. Here, the students competed to find the top five spellers at Cypress Christian School. We are very proud of their hard work and determination. 

Eighth Grade U.S. History Student Podcasts

Students in Mr. Colchado’s eighth grade U.S. history class completed a research project that resulted in their very own podcast episode covering the American Revolution.

Extracting DNA from Strawberries

While learning about the structure of DNA, biology students extracted DNA from strawberries. By doing this activity, students were able to see the long, thick fibers of DNA.

Christmas Card Contest Winners 2020

Earlier in the fall, CCS announced the annual Christmas Card Contest and asked elementary and secondary students to submit artwork depicting the story of Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Drumline Competes in Drum Along the Brazos

The Warrior Drumline competed in the annual Drum Along the Brazos contest for the third year. This contest is hosted by the College Station High School Marching Band and invites drumlines from all over Texas to compete. 

High School Academic Team

The High School Academic Team is off to a strong start. The team is comprised of 18 students who are training to compete in a total of 10 events.

TAPPS Field Band and Drumline Competitions

Monday was a cold and rainy day in Waco. Due to the weather, the TAPPS Field Band and Drumline competitions had to be shifted indoors. The Cypress Christian Hornline and Drumline adapted to the situation well and had a great day of fun and fellowship. 

Autopsy of Mr. Pickle

Playing the role of a Forensic Pathologist, each student in Mrs. Teague's Biomedical and Health Sciences class reviewed body planes, directions, regions and medical terminology as they "autopsied" Mr. Pickle.

National Art Honor Society 2020-2021

The Cypress Christian School National Art Honor Society (NAHS) Officers for the 2020-2021 school year are: President: Justin Kostecki, Vice-President: Tori Kraft, Secretary: Abigail Sanders, Chaplain: Abby Young and Historian: An Tran.

Freshman Student Builds Cart for Drumline and Hornline

Hauling the drumline and hornline equipment to football and basketball games has proven to be a bit overwhelming. Unfortunately, most of the pre-made equipment carts do not meet the needs of the Warrior Drumline and Hornline. 

New Senior Tradition!

Students in the Class of 2021 began the tradition of painting their newly assigned parking spaces.

AP/DC Chemistry

AP/DC Chemistry students were trying to identify an unknown compound through observations of known chemical reactions

Impact Yearbook Staff Named Jostens 2020  National Yearbook Program of Excellence!

For the second time in four years, the Impact yearbook staff has earned the rank of National Yearbook Program of Excellence by Jostens. The National Yearbook Program of Excellence recognizes engaging yearbooks that reflect a broad representation of the student body while helping students develop 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration and information and communication technologies (ICT) literacy. 

AP Capstone Awards

All four 2019-2020 AP Research students earned passing scores on their academic papers. This is difficult to do and a tremendous honor. Gabby Kostecki earned the first AP Capstone Diploma at CCS. Andrew Angaroni, Noah Betz and Colin Davis each earned the AP Capstone Certificate.

2019-2020 Eighth-Grade Awards

Eighth-grade students and families enjoyed a virtual end-of-the-year ceremony recently to mark the end of middle school and the beginning of a great new adventure in high school.

Polynomial Perspective Project

Using a picture of themselves honors precalculus students identified a portion of the picture to construct and overlay a polynomial function of fourth-degree or higher.

Celebrating Our Seniors!

Last week, high school teachers, coaches and administrators delivered college yard signs to celebrate our seniors!

CCS Junior Selected for Camp Enterprise

Koedi Nealy was chosen to represent CCS at Camp Enterprise. Camp Enterprise is a Rotary Club-supported weekend activity where students are introduced to the business world.

Greek Festival

Sixth-grade students celebrated completing their studies of Ancient Greece with the annual Greek Festival. This year, a student-led committee planned, organized and executed all of the events. 

U.S. History Project

In the second full week of e-learning, Mr. Colchado could not be more thrilled about the work that his eighth-grade students are producing.

NAHS Grid Art

Each National Art Honor Society member completed a 10" cardboard square with their choice of media and style to complete this wall art piece of a “Bob Ross” type CCS Warrior. This NAHS piece was designed from a drawing by artist Brittany Hough, junior class.

Spanish Students Celebrate with Pinatas

In Senor Dubon's Spanish classes, students concluded the unit about "Birthday Celebrations" with a big fiesta day to celebrate student's birthdays the Hispanic way with piñatas.

Senior Retreat

Last weekend, the senior class spent time in beautiful central Texas at the Potts and Petru family ranches.

TAPPS State Academic Team

Last week, the high school academic team had its state qualifier competition on campus. The top three finishers in each category qualified for the state team and will compete at the TAPPS State Academic Meet in Waco on March 31 and April 1

Seventh-Grade Girls Join the 66 Club

This year’s seventh-grade girls all joined the 66 Club in Mrs. Mynes' Bible class. Every girl in the grade was able to say all 66 books of the Bible.

Sixth-Graders Visit Space Center Houston

Sixth-graders spent a beautiful day at Space Center Houston and Johnson Space Center. The students were treated to a guided tour through Starship Gallery, a museum of space artifacts. 

MS Spelling Bee

Nine middle school Warriors traveled to Alpha Omega Christian Academy in Huntsville on Friday, January 17, to represent their grade in the ACSI District Spelling Bee. Grade-level spelling bees were held at CCS in November and three students from each grade advanced to the district meet.

Engineering Tours NASA

The high school engineering class had an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour NASA last week. The class was given the chance to go behind the scenes and tour the actual grounds and workplace of NASA.

Secondary Rodeo Art

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Competition for Private and Parochial Schools was held at the NRG Stadium on Monday, January 13 with 50 schools attending from all over the Houston and surrounding areas.

Spanish Murder Mystery

On Friday, January 10, Spanish III Honors and Spanish IV AP students took part in a two-hour murder-mystery event conducted entirely in Spanish. Each student played the role of a storybook or fairytale character as they tried to solve the mystery of "Who Killed Bo Peep?"

Spanish II Honors

Upon return to school, Spanish III Honors student began an independent reading project. They were able to choose between four short novels

Sixth-Graders Build Earthen Dams

Sixth-grade students recently finished two units in science class about soils, erosion and deposition. As a culmination of the units, the students were challenged to design and build an earthen dam.

Koedi Nealy’s Graced Ministry Appears on Great Day Houston

Great Day Houston welcomed CCS Junior, Koedi Nealy and 16 CCS students who are Graced Ministry Ambassadors and their parents to a live taping on November 1. Koedi began collecting pennies, which are easily cast aside, to provide everyday essentials for the homeless.

Operation Christmas Child

CCS elementary and middle school students were given the opportunity to touch another child’s life through Operation Christmas Child or “Operation Shoebox.”  This outreach is a national ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, its mission to bring the good news of Christ’s love to a child outside of the United States.

NAHS Leads After-School Art Activity

Last Thursday and Friday, National Art Honor Society (headed by President Gabby Kostecki) led an after-school art activity for elementary students where they made their own “pet rocks.” 

One Act Play Earns Third Place in District

Last week, Cypress Christian Advanced Theatre students competed in the Division I TAPPS One Act Play competition. Students performed their production of These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich and received third place in district, placing them above other talented productions. 

Engineering Students Simulate Company Redesign

The engineering class was tasked to find a package design that would keep a raw egg from cracking after being dropped three stories high to simulate a company's redesign of packaging a specific part that is continuously damaged in shipping.

CCS Fall Fine Arts Festival

On Friday, October 4, Fine Arts students from our art, choir, and theatre programs put together a production that glorified God and the talents that he has given our students. The arts at CCS are alive and thriving for Christ.

Juniors Study the Beatitudes

In New Testament Survey, juniors memorized Matthew 5:1-12 and created posters based on their study of the Beatitudes!

Warrior Tribe Serves at Elim Christian School

The Tribe of Judah kicked off the year with a Hawaiian-themed luncheon on September 9. This was soon followed up with a field trip on September 24 to Elim Christian School, a school that provides students with learning differences a Christian education.

Sixth-Grade Design Thinking

Sixth-grade students had fun one morning last week when they practiced "Design Thinking". Design Thinking is a STEM activity that allows students the opportunity to make an abstract idea more concrete.

2019 Duke Talent Identification Program Qualifiers

Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) recognizes outstanding performance in at least one specified area on standardized tests such as the Terra Nova, which was administered in the spring at CCS.

Work Begins on 2019-2020 Yearbook

Work began this week on the 2019-2020 edition of The Impact yearbook. Ana Sofía Navarro, Audrey Mills, Tatum Moore, Emma Hicks, Katherine Echols, Claire Achterkirch, Cayden Tate and Bethany Hotchkiss met with Advisor Kelly Galbreath for a summer workshop planning session.

Ambassador Council 2019-2020

The Ambassador Council has met twice this summer to set expectations for the 2019-2020 school year. The workshops were full of fun, games and food while focusing on what it means to be a servant-leader.

AP Studio Art

All 2018-2019 students who took AP Studio Art scored 100% passing grades on their AP Drawing and 2D Design Portfolio exams.

2019 Academic & Fine Arts Awards

During the final week of school, the high school administration of Cypress Christian School hosted an academic and fine arts award night and a senior breakfast.

2019 Middle School Awards

Middle School students and teachers gathered on Monday, May 20, for the annual end-of-year academic awards assembly. Students were honored for accomplishments in academics, leadership and Christian character.

2019 NJHS Induction Ceremony

On Thursday, May 16, the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) had the privilege to welcome 15 new members to its ranks. New members are chosen based on meeting certain academic standards and are individuals who demonstrate leadership, service and strong character attributes

Pearl Museum Student Art Contest

The Pearl Museum of Fine Arts Student Art Contest was held this year at the Forum at Cypress Creek Christian Community Center with a reception that followed at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts. CCS had 20 art students who were finalists in this juried exhibition and one student receive the distinguished Jurors’ Selections Award for the Middle School Division. Congratulations to all our art students on a job well done!

This is a Test

On May 9, the middle school drama class performed a comedy called This is a Test, by Stephen Gregg, for their friends and family. The play takes a light-hearted look at the pressures of school, tests and general teen angst. 

2019 Fine Arts Gala

Cypress Christian School was honored to celebrate our students and their achievements throughout the year at our Fine Arts Gala on Monday, April 29.

Sixth-Graders Program Robots

Recently during science class, sixth-graders spent time exploring Ozobots during an exciting new STEM activity.

Senior Economics Budgeting Project

The budget project is intended to increase students' knowledge of the financial responsibility of living on their own and increasing their financial independence.

Living Wax Museum 2019

Friends, family members, students and teachers attended this year’s sixth grade Living Wax Museum honoring heroes of our faith and heroes of our history.

MS Chapel Praise Team

Our Middle School Chapel Praise Team had the honor of leading musical worship for Elementary Chapel and Middle School Chapel last Wednesday, April 3!

2019 ACSI Art Festival

The ACSI Art Festival was held at North Central Church in Spring, Texas on Friday, April 5. CCS artists in grades 6-12 participated and had an excellent showing.

2019 TAPPS State Speech Meet

The TAPPS State Speech and Academic Meet was held at the Convention Center in Waco, Texas on Monday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 2. CCS Students did an excellent job.

2019 TAPPS State Art Meet

The TAPPS State Art Meet was held at the Convention Center in Waco, Texas on Monday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 2. CCS artists did an excellent job, winning nine medals and placing eighth in state out of 22 schools.

2019 ACSI MS District Speech Meet

The ACSI District Middle School Speech Meet took place on March 8, at Rosehill Christian School. Several students, in each grade, participated in events like puppets, readings, monologues, Bible memorization and poetry.

2019 Elementary Tribal Competition

On Friday, March 22, CCS elementary students had their annual Tribal Competition. Students compete in individual and team events and the competition promotes inter-grade camaraderie and develops an awareness of what it is like to be part of a team. 

2019 Warrior Tribes Day of Service

On Friday, March 22, 2019, CCS high school students took part in a full day of school-organized community service. Some of the high school students stayed on campus working with the elementary school for their annual Tribal Wars competition. Other students worked out in the community on specific projects designed for their group.

2019 NHS Induction Ceremony

On Monday, March 26, the CCS National Honor Society inducted 35 new members: three seniors, four juniors and 28 sophomores.

TAPPS Small Ensemble Competition

The high school Choir Department traveled to Houston Baptist University on March 19 for the TAPPS Small Ensemble competition for the South East Texas Region. Students experienced a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and music! During the competition, all students that competed received medals for their Superior performances.

Texas History Fair 2018-2019

On March 7, seventh-grade students concluded their work on Texas History Fair with presentations to parents, classmates and a panel of judges. A reception displaying students’ scrapbooks was well-attended by parents and students.

Sixth Grade Celebrates Annual Greek Festival

Sixth-grade students completed their studies of Ancient Greece with the annual Greek Festival on February 21. After learning about the Ancient Olympic Games, students started off the day competing in events such as discuss (with tortillas), shot put (with softballs) and javelin (with pool noodles.)

MS ACSI Area Math Olympics

On Saturday, February 23, twelve members from the Middle School Math Olympics Team competed in the ACSI Area competition in The Woodlands.

Eighth Grade Visits State Capitol

The eighth-grade class made their way to Austin on Wednesday, February 6 for a trip to the Texas State Capitol. On the field trip, students had the opportunity to tour the Capitol building and visit with Representative Tom Oliverson.

Middle School Math Olympics

In the fall semester, 18 middle-schoolers competed in the District Math Olympics. This month, 14 of those students will compete in the Area competition. 

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Contest Winners

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Contest was held at the NRG Center for the Private/Parochial School District on Monday, January 14. Cypress Christian School artists created amazing work this year against some incredible artwork from other private schools across the Houston area.

TAPPS Fall Photography Competition

Photography students recently competed in the TAPPS Fall Photography competition. CCS students did quite well in a field of more than 900 overall entries.

AP Capstone Seminar Course

Cypress Christian School has implemented the AP Capstone program to train students in self-directed academic research, to craft persuasive presentations and to effectively construct arguments.

Middle School Drama Presents "Operation Christ Child"

The middle school drama class presented “Operation Christ Child” to their friends and family. The show was Biblical fiction about how the angels helped arrange the birth of Christ. It was a blessing to have the students use their talents to share the true meaning of Christmas!

High School Faculty Visit Creation Museum for Training

Recently, high school science teacher Lori Teague, high school Bible teacher Rachael Lechman and Secondary Curriculum Director Julie Davis attended a three-day professional development conference in Petersburg, Kentucky at the Creation Museum.

Seeing God's Hand in a Microscopic Cell

Last month, seventh-grade life science classes had a great time building edible cells in class. Students reviewed their cells with Ms. McCurdy and were graded based on their creativity, how well they used different foods to represent the cell‘s organelles (the tiny cell parts) and their understanding of each organelle’s function in the cell. 

Operation Christmas Child 2018

Once again CCS elementary and secondary students were given the opportunity to touch another child’s life through Operation Christmas Child by packing 122 boxes.

No Complaining!

The seventh-grade girls Bible classes have been studying the book of Numbers and the Israelites grumbling in the desert. In order to honor God with their words and actions, the girls embarked on a "7 Day No Complaining Challenge."

Sixth Grade Science Rocks!

Sixth-grade students had a great time last week in science class! Students were put into teams of four and challenged to design a scientific experiment to determine what type of rock makes the best kitchen flooring. 

National Merit Hispanic Scholar

Each year students of Hispanic background are recognized for their outstanding scores on the PSAT-NMSQT! Congratulations to Sophia Slabic on her accomplishment!

2018 Duke Talent Identification Program Qualifiers

Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) recognizes outstanding performance in at least one specified area on standardized tests such as the Terra Nova, which is administered in the spring at CCS.

Freshmen All About Me Project

As a means of helping Mrs. Teague to get to know them better, freshman students created miniature versions of themselves illustrating their interests and personalities.

Yearbook Staff Wins Award at Camp

CCS won the "Otto Award" for best opening/closing spread design and will display their award in the yearbook room. Yearbook students use all of their academic skills in a real-world context that will benefit them for success in college and beyond.

New High School Service Opportunity

The Cypress Christian School high school administration is pleased to announce an additional student service opportunity that we will be initiating this year in Warrior Tribes, our high school small group discipleship program.

2018 Middle School Awards

Middle School students and teachers gathered on Monday, May 21, for the annual end-of-year academic awards assembly.  Students were honored for accomplishments in academics, leadership and Christian character.

Where We Are Going, We Won't Need Roads

Physics students participated in the second annual CCS Magnetic Levitation Derby. Each student created their own magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) vehicle with magnets connected to the bottom so that it levitated on the magnetic track.

NJHS Loves Serving Others!

The National Junior Honor Society (NHS) has had the opportunity to work on several meaningful service projects during this quarter.

Junior Leadership Day

The junior class participated in the annual rising senior day, focusing on leadership and team building. The goal for the retreat was to set the tone for the junior class as they prepare to be the leaders of the school and to build stronger relationships within the class as they enter into their senior year at CCS. Coach Spenn capped off the day with a leadership session on goals and vision, followed by a visit from Kona Ice.

Code Blue Comes to Life Through Exhibits and Laboratory Work

Seventh-grade students celebrated the completion of their work in Code Blue with a trip to the Houston Health Museum. Here students got a chance to view larger than life models of the heart, ear, colon and skeleton and visit the many interesting exhibits that related to the use and care of the human body.

CODE BLUE….CODE BLUE…7th Grade Science Students to the Rescue!

The seventh-grade science classes have just completed “Code Blue”, a seven-week focus on the study of the human body. Students left with a greater appreciation of those who work in the medical field and most of all how “fearfully and wonderfully we are made!”

State Representative Oliverson Speaks to Texas History Classes

Dr. Tom Oliverson, local anesthesiologist, CCS dad and Representative of the 130th House District of the State of Texas, visited the seventh-grade Texas History classes this past Friday, May 11. He spoke to the students on how the Texas legislature functions and he shared how his Christian faith impacts his role in government.

2018 Senior Send-Off

A special Senior Send-Off chapel was held on Friday, May 4, the last day of classes for 2018 seniors. High school administrators and teachers celebrated a successful and joyful year for the seniors and prayed for students before "sending them off" to the next step in their lives. 

Seventh Graders Serve

Seventh-grade students traveled with their Bible class to a service project at The MET Church. They served the children’s ministry with happy hearts to help prepare for summer activities. They cleaned out closets, made signs and hauled off trash.

Last Week of School for the Class of 2018

The senior class was celebrated this week during their final week of classes. Senior Special Assembly will be held on Friday, May 4 at 2:30 p.m. where we will honor and pray over the Class of 2018 before sending them off to become CCS Alumni.

Fun with Physics at Six Flags

Mrs. Keim’s physics students recently got an opportunity to see, first hand, how many of the concepts they have learned in class apply in real life at the annual CCS Physics Day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

2018 Secondary ACSI Art Competition

On Friday, April 6, Cypress Christian School artists competed in a regional art competition hosted by Faith Academy in Bellville, Texas. Grades 7-12 had 24 entries among 18 schools that participated in ten or more different categories of art.

Senior Economics Students Learn Budgeting

This week as a part of their budget project in economics, the senior class participated in a field trip to Kroger. The budget project is intended to increase students' knowledge of the financial responsibility of living on their own and increasing their financial independence.

NHS Welcomes New Members

National Honor Society, whose purpose is to recognize high school students who excel in scholarship, leadership, character and service, inducted new members on April 5, 2018.

2018 TAPPS State Speech and Academic Competition

Cypress Christian School was well represented at the recent TAPPS State Speech Meet and Academic Competition. A group of 16 joined three art students in Waco for the Division 4A competition April 9–11,2018.

2018 Warrior Tribes Day of Service

On Friday, March 9, 2018, CCS high school Warrior Tribes took part in a full day of school-organized community service. Some of the high school students stayed on campus working with the elementary school for their annual Tribal Wars competition. Other students worked out in the community on specific projects designed for their group.

Elementary Tribal Competition 2018

On Friday, March 9, 2018, elementary students enjoyed a fun day of field activities with the help of high school students in the Asher, Benjamin, Dan, Joseph, Judah, Simeon and Zebulun Warrior Tribes.

It's Electric!

To demonstrate the fascinating properties of static electricity, physics students used a Van de Graaff generator in class to see firsthand how like charges repel.

2018 Texas History Fair

On March 8th, seventh-grade students concluded their work on the Texas History Fair with presentations to parents, classmates and a panel of judges. A reception displaying students’ scrapbooks was well-attended by parents and students.

2018 Middle School Speech Meet

The ACSI District Middle School Speech Meet took place on March 9, at Rosehill Christian School. Several students, in each grade, participated in events like puppets, readings, monologues, Bible memorization and poetry. Congratulations to all of our participants! We had several Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Delights Audiences

The Cypress Christian School Performing Arts Department treated audiences to the amazing production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on March 6-8, 2018. This fantastic show had it all with conflict, fun, love and lots of backwoods humor. 

2018 Science Fair Winners

Another amazing science fair has come and gone with some spectacular displays! On Tuesday, March 6, eighth graders competed in the annual Science Fair. Students had the opportunity to communicate the findings of their experiments to scientific professionals at the regional level, and each of them did an exceptional job.

Interesting Discoveries from the 2018 Science Fair

Every year, eighth-grade students choose a science fair topic that they find particularly interesting. Some of the results impact everyday life in the most surprising ways! You will find a few of the discoveries from this year that may shock you.

Living Wax Museum 2018

Friends, family members, students and teachers attended this year’s sixth grade Living Wax Museum honoring heroes of our faith and heroes of our history.

2018 Math Olympics

Cypress Christian elementary and middle school students participated in the ACSI Math Olympics on Saturday, March 3, 2018, at Christ Community School in The Woodlands, TX. We are proud of the hard work all of our student participants did to get ready for this timed competition in the areas of math reasoning and math computation. 

Sixth Grade Has Fun with Chemistry

Sixth grade students are having a great time studying chemistry in science class! They are using the scientific method to approach solving a problem in a systematic way.

Senior Class Visits George H.W. Bush Library

The senior class visited the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library on the campus of Texas A & M University. The students took part in a self-guided tour of the museum, putting into practice their knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a President of the United States.

Sixth Grade Greek Festival

Sixth grade students completed their studies of Ancient Greece with the annual Greek Festival on February 15. After learning about the Ancient Olympic Games, students started off the day competing in events such as discuss (with frisbees), shotput (with softballs) and javelin (with pool noodles).

NJHS Welcomes New Members

On Friday, February 2, the students of National Junior Honor Society were privileged to welcome fifteen new members for the upcoming year! Qualifying for NJHS is a significant accomplishment; students are only able to apply if they retain a 90 or higher in each core class.

Fishing for Tuna in MS Science Elective

Students in the Middle School Inquiry Based Science elective have been busy studying the various zones of the ocean in preparation for their current Bycatch Project. Students are using the engineering design process to design their nets, build prototypes and test them.

National Art Honor Society Visits Museum of Fine Arts Houston

National Art Honor Society had a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. The NAHS students took a journey through the ages of history in art from the museum’s permanent collection, which covers world cultures dating from antiquity to the present.

Veterans Day 2017

Veterans from all areas of the armed forces were in attendance at the annual assembly held in their honor. Read more, view photos and video of this special occasion.

Reading Buddies - Homecoming Style!

Elementary and high school students enjoyed reading together while sporting their "HOME on the Range" attire, in celebration of homecoming week.

Cypress Christian Opens Campus Life Center and Gym May 2017

Executive Director Stephen Novotny said, “We are thankful to open the doors of this wonderful new facility; and are thrilled for what this will mean for generations of students to come. We thank God for the generosity of so many who have provided this new facility to help us continue to fulfill our mission of honoring the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values.”

First Chapel Services in new Campus Life Center and Gym May 2017

On Wed, May 10, grades K-8 held chapel services in the new Campus Life Center and Gym for the very first time. Second grade students led worship for their chapel with their "STOMP" presentation and alumnus Evan Weppler ('07) spoke to students about the "Signs of our Creator."