K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Elementary Curriculum

The elementary grades (K-5) provide a full range of academic coursework. In the primary grades, priority is given to teaching reading and arithmetic skills. All of the grades are given formal instruction in Bible, science, mathematics, social studies, reading, and language arts (creative writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting). Throughout the week, students participate in "specials" which include classes in art, music, computer, and physical education. In addition, students enjoy time in the elementary library each week.

Elementary Curriculum

Kindergarten Program

K-5 Specials


“Being made in God’s image, we are given the ability and the drive to be creative.”
~ Thomas Martin, Elementary Art Teacher

In Kindergarten, students learn the basics of drawing using simple shapes, how to use a watercolor paint set and brush. The process of refining motor skills is also begun using the tools to produce an art piece; pencils, paintbrushes, scissors, clay, oil pastels and such. Each year, curriculum is designed to build on what was learned in the preceding year, while adding new elements. The art pieces become more complex, the coloring becomes shading, and the shapes become 3-D forms. K-2 students begin with drawing or painting simple compositions preparing for more complex projects in grades 3-5, using reference photos and the “grid system.” In fourth and fifth grade, students sculpt using oven-baked clay. In fifth grade, students are introduced to one point perspective.

Art Competitions
      • K-5th graders compete in the ACSI Art Festival with many students earning top level ribbons and medals.
      • Elementary students participate in the Houston Rodeo Art Competition with many pieces of artwork winning top honors.


Each K-5 class attends music class twice a week for thirty minutes. A strong emphasis is placed on worship – what worship is and ways in which to worship through music. Students also take part in general music education including ear training, rhythm, pitch, harmony, and form, to name a few. Students participate by singing, moving, playing instruments and games, and creating music. All grade levels have the opportunity to play classroom instruments such as BoomWhackers, rhythm sticks, glockenspiels, and various percussion instruments.

Musical Opportunities and Performances
      • All elementary students worship during chapel each Wednesday morning.
      • Fourth and fifth graders perform patriotic selections during the Veterans’ Day program in November.
      • All elementary students perform at the annual school-wide Christmas program in early December.
      • All elementary students perform at Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day in February.
      • In the fourth and fifth grades, students learn to play the recorder, and each student is provided his/her own during the unit of study.
      • In the spring, students have the opportunity to participate in Performance Days where they can prepare a solo or ensemble to perform within the classroom setting.
      • Kindergarten also performs a few special songs during Kindergarten Graduation in May.


The Elementary Library is designed for students to check out books once a week, meet with the librarian for a lesson time, and enjoy a storytime. Throughout the year library activities will include special events such as the Book Fair, Cookies and Milk in the Library (for Kindergarten students), Children’s Book Week and other reading incentive programs. Fourth and fifth grade students also participate in the Accelerated Reader program. With the help of such characters as “Skoob the Shelf Elf” and “King Dewey,” the elementary library is a fun place for students to regularly visit.


It is our goal to provide students with a challenging, yet fun environment that increases their academic success. Computer classes include: basic computer skills, word processing, and safe internet usage. Whenever possible, the classroom connections are made in computer. Microsoft Office Suite, keyboarding, and various education software is used. Teachers seek to incorporate computer usage with assignments that are given in class power point presentations for topics studied in science or typing reports and doing research for Middle Ages and Renaissance.


Our Physical Education program is grounded in the premise that fitness should be fun. We work on fundamental physical movement through age appropriate activities and games. An emphasis is placed on character building through sportsmanship.