K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX


Since 1978, God has equipped the Board of Directors, administrators, staff and faculty to carry out the mission of CCS..."to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values."

Each year, we are blessed to meet new parents who desire a quality Christian education for their child. Each parent has his/her own unique expectation, need and desire. However, there is a common bond among all of these parents in that they are seeking a place where their child can flourish both academically and spiritually. They desire a place where the education will involve more than reading and writing - a place where their child will meet God on a daily basis through scripture, prayer, and godly example. We are pleased to say that Cypress Christian School fits that description.

Parent Testimonials

"I want to thank each of you on my son's teaching team for the welcome you have given him to CCS. He left public school very defeated and bullied. I totally lost sight of who I knew my child to be in the day-to-day war we were battling. In four months, you have each played an integral part in bringing him back to me. You have made him feel included and you have given him space to find his feet in new territory. You have encouraged and challenged him to step out of his comfort zone and try new things. You have created a loving and nurturing environment that he actually enjoys going to each day. I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to drop him off with a smile on his face and pick him up to endless babble about the adventures of the day. It is such a huge transformation from who he had become before CCS. I think the best way to let you know the impact each of you has had is from my son himself at the end of the first week of school. We were riding home in the car and unsolicited he said, 'Mom, do I ever have to go back to public school? I don’t want to! CCS is so much fun and it is how school is supposed to be!' So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. Know that you and your families are prayed for by us and I am so thankful that you are each part of my son’s journey."
"We have exciting news! Our daughter accepted Christ into her heart last night! We are overjoyed! We would like to say Thank You to everyone at Cypress Christian. Between us, her family, our church and the school, I know it is a collaborative effort to teachour daughter about God. But I truly believe CCS has had such an impact on her spirit. She enjoys school so much and she has grown so much in the three years she has attended Cypress Christian. CCS has played an integral part in her coming to Christ. Thank you to each and everyone at CCS. For every smile in the hallway, every encouragement, every loving hug, every word of knowledge given to her, every prayer. We thank God daily that we have a school where Christ is put first, because the rest is for nothing without Him."
My daughter is in Kindergarten this year. On the first morning back to school after the Christmas holiday, she told me she was a little anxious and that, for her, it felt like the first day of school all over again. I walked her to the gym that day to help ease her transition. On our way in, we saw the elementary principal, who greeted us with his usual smile. He told my daughter that he was really happy to see her and that her teachers love her and missed her. She felt so much happier! She pulled me close and whispered to me that he had made this the best day ever, and that she did not feel anxious anymore. We are so thankful for the principal and all the staff at CCS!
When a prospective family was asked “Why are you selecting CCS for your child’s education?” The family said, “We can feel that the teachers love the Lord, they love the students, and they love their job. Everyone is so friendly and kind here.”
"It is amazing to see the many great things God is doing in our school. My kids come home every day better and happier because of spending the day at CCS. Our faculty, staff and administrators are passionate about their calling and my children reap those rewards! Not only are we thrilled to see our children thriving academically, but they continue to cultivate a strong relationship with Christ that is unbelievable. We are at Cypress Christian for the long haul and are thrilled to see the mighty return on our investment! The stock market may fluctuate, but Cypress Christian never waivers – always strong, always growing, always honoring God!"
"We love that Christian values are infused in every aspect of the academic training. It's important to us that prayer can be reinforced as well as at home, so that our children grow up with prayer being a natural part of their lives. We, also, believe that the academic standards are high at Cypress Christian, and the curriculum is in line with, if not better than, some of the top public schools in our area."
"We believe that our children will benefit from a Christian school education. We want them to be surrounded by the Lord's Word. We want them to grow up with Christ in their hearts. It is important to us, as parents, that we do all that we can to raise our children with morals and values. We believe that CCS can give them the opportunity to learn and grow and succeed in a Christian environment."
"We desire for our child to attend CCS for three main reasons. First and foremost, we believe the Christian values that are so important to us will be fostered and reinforced during the school day. Second, we think our child's intellect will be challenged and talents cultivated. Finally, we believe our child will flourish in the nurturing and encouraging environment that we have seen as integral to the school's teachers and classrooms."
"We want our child to learn in an environment that reinforces our values. We have discovered through on-campus visits that CCS shares these values and provides a high-quality education as well. We want our daughter to grow closer to God. The best way to do this is to provide her with the opportunity to immerse herself in a school that teaches God's word."
"God is the central focus of our lives. As we walk by faith and not by sight, it is our daily goal to attain His best. We feel the most appropriate way to achieve His best in our daughter's life is to enroll her in a Christian based educational program. The program must meet and or exceed the requirements of society, while focusing on the importance God plays in our lives. CCS does just that."
"I want to leave a legacy of faith for my son. It is very difficult in today's society to implement Godly values, morals and teachings without the support of a good Christian school. I have been entrusted by God to raise a beautiful son. It is my responsibility as his parent to do what I can to surround him with Godly people who will assist in his training."
"We feel that Christian Education is a part of our obligation to "train up a child" according to Proverbs 22:6. CCS exemplifies the Christian doctrine taught in the Bible."
"A CCS teacher told me that she prayed for my daughter this morning because she figured it was her first day of college. She said my daughter's name came to her mind! I called my daughter that afternoon to tell her that her former CCS teacher had prayed for her and I think she almost cried! What a wonderful testimony about our teachers!"

Elementary Testimonials

The parents of a fourth grade student, who had just completed his first week of school, commented to our Admissions Director how pleased they were with how their child has been helped with the transition into this new school. Their exact words were, “We are thoroughly enjoying the school already, and we are so thankful that God made provision for [our son] to attend CCS!" - 4th Grade
"The smile on my daughter’s face says it all. She loves CCS! We look forward to many more years as part of the CCS family!" – Kindergarten
"I was just thinking the other day that I needed to let school know what a blessing it has been for our family to have our son at CCS. The most glowing endorsement came a few weeks ago when we were on our way home from school. Unprompted, my son said, 'Mom, I love my school.' I then asked what it was that he loved and his first response was, 'I love my teachers. I really feel like they want me to learn.' He has been affirmed in so many ways and is thriving. He has been welcomed whole heartedly by his classmates and teachers and we are blessed." – 5th Grade
"As a mom, I find peace in knowing that both of my children are being led and taught by teachers/staff that know and love the Lord. They are also making friendships with children whose parents are believers, other families who want their school experience to be God focused. Just a good thing for us for sure! We are loving it!!"– 4th and 6th Grade

Secondary Testimonials

Parents of one of our new secondary students shared with me yesterday that when they asked their child how they could reward him for a good grade he recently received in one of his classes, their child declined. Here is the reason why . . . Their child said that he felt they had already provided the reward— just by allowing him to come to CCS this year! "EVERY day our son thanks us for sending him to CCS. Having the perspective of six years of public school makes him (and us) truly appreciate this blessing." – 6th grader
"My son’s first nine weeks of school have been AMAZING. God is such a faithful and good God. We prayed, listened, and obeyed, and He has delivered my son into a place of blessing at Cypress Christian. I cannot begin to tell you the difference in my child from the child he was last year. He is back to his normal, happy, good grade making, God-loving, wanting to go to church, self! Praise the Lord! All the staff has been wonderful to him and to us as well, as have all the parents. He has been made to feel welcome and so have my husband and I. I was a little uneasy (and so was my son) coming to a small school where everyone already knew each other and had formed friendships over the years, but everyone has really shown us Christ's love which, to me, is a true testament that God is alive and working in the school!" – Secondary Student
"My daughter has an increased awareness of God in her life and I see her questioning what God thinks about situations that she is faced with. I thank God for directing us to CCS for her High School years." – 9th grade

Athletic Testimonials

"During the Girls Middle School B Team Game against SFEDS {St Francis Episcopal Day School} - my 6th Grade daughter made TWO 3-pointers during the game!!!! As well as two additional regular baskets for a total of 10 points! The MS B Team Lady Warriors won the game 18-9. What was neat? CCS high school girls and boys were there - and they went nuts at a sixth grade girl making two 3-pointers!!!
It is that even our youngest Warriors are being raised to be MIGHTY... especially for the Kingdom of God!"
"My daughter is on the Middle School Girls B Basketball team. They played in a tournament this past Friday and Saturday. My daughter was fouled and got to shoot her first free throw in a game ever. When she was lining up, her teammate whispered to her, 'Philipians 4:13!' How precious is that? This is the team I want her on."

Student Testimonials

CCS Has Blessed My Life by CCS Students | Testimonials in Connection Magazine | Senior Testimonials

"The best thing that ever happened to me at CCS was that I got saved. A guest speaker came to our chapel and asked anyone who was not a Christian to bow their heads with him. So, I bowed my head and I said a prayer with him. Right then, I was saved."
"I love that everything revolves around the Lord at CCS! The teachers care and you can tell they love God."
"I've been at Cypress for seven years now, and since then, I've learned a lot about my faith and how to defend it. The apologetics that I've learned here have given me both a better knowledge of why I believe in Christianity and the tools to share that belief with the world."

Middle School Principal - Iva Nell Rhea

"The Cypress Christian’s mission is the heartbeat of the school. Because human kind is one generation away from spiritual ruin, it is imperative that Christians shoulder the responsibility of raising the next generation of intellectually, socially, and spiritually equipped warriors for the Kingdom. God has called me to this ministry to assist Christian parents with their responsibility to train and equip their children to take on their God-ordained missions. As the parent of two Cypress Christian students, I personally know the benefit of surrounding a child with God’s consistent and unchanging truth as he moves through the developmental stages of childhood and young adulthood. It is an honor and humbling responsibility to partner with Christian parents to prepare each child to take on and change his world for Jesus Christ."

Dean of Students - Craig Cleveland

"I believe in the mission of CCS because it is one that is desperately needed for such a time as this. It is a mandate from the Lord to train up a child in the way he should go.
I choose to serve at CCS because God has divinely placed me here and it is all about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ - nothing is more important.

As a teacher and coach at CCS I have seen God transform students lives. I have seen students give their lives to Christ. I have seen students graduate from this school and go into the mission field. I have seen students who had no hope or sense of direction in life be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit that changed their lives completely. God is definitely at work in this place."

Teacher Testimonial - Mrs. Caroline Young

"Ms. Lechman's seventh grade Girls’ Bible classes read to our Kindergarten students before the Christmas break. They were very well behaved, and they worked so nicely with our little ones. The girls read stories about the real meaning of Christmas, and they handed out stickers.

Ms. Lechman's students were very enthusiastic, and they asked our students their names and their plans for Christmas. It was so nice to see these older girls come over and share God’s love with our little ones at this busy time of the year. It is obvious that Ms. Lechman is working hard to instill a sense of service and purpose in her middle school students.

One of the best things about being in a K-12 school is having these special times when the students can interact with one another."