K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Warrior Mission Tour Testimonials

"I just wanted to express what a wonderful job you all do with the Warrior Mission Tour!  I thoroughly enjoyed attending this morning! The tour is a true reflection of what CCS offers with beautiful stories of CCS Warriors being molded in a unique Christian environment. I know I have been blessed by CCS both as an employee and as a parent of a CCS Warrior. My son has realized in his first year of college how well he was prepared by the CCS teachers/staff/coaches who instructed and loved on him. I am eternally grateful!
"We were already in love with CCS and so the Mission Tour was a reminder that we 100% have our child in the best possible place. We found it interesting to hear the corporate backgrounds of the leaders of the school. It was comforting to hear that the ones "at the top" are more interested in always doing what's morally right, instead of simply basing decisions on what may provide the most financial gain."
From current/alumni parents of over 20 years:  “The stories you shared on the tour are exactly what we have experienced at CCS. Our kids lived through all those stories, and they were accurate and on target. The accounts were true and nothing needed to be added. Thank you for telling the story of CCS.”"
From a kindergarten parent:  "It was very nice to hear from parents that have had their children at CCS for their entire primary education. It was great to hear that CCS students graduate with such a great education, love and respect for others and their country and a love for Christ. It filled our hearts with joy to think of our little one following in the footsteps of such amazing students."
"The tour was a celebration of a decision we have wrestled with for a number of years. We are so excited about CCS. We feel blessed to be able to provide this opportunity for our children. The personal stories are a testimony to the awesome work CCS is doing both in and out of the classroom."
"Overall, it was definitely worth our time and provided us with an overall view of the "big picture" for CCS students and we couldn't be happier to be a part of this organization."
"We are blessed and thankful for the opportunity. CCS is indeed a wonderful school and we are looking forward to becoming part of the CCS family. We are so happy for the Lord Jesus who rules and blesses the school."
"Very impressed! It is nice to see the students involved so heavily in the community and that it is supported by the school."
"Great! We really enjoyed the tour. It is interesting to see and hear real life success stories and accomplishments. Very inspiring."
"It was an excellent use of time. Great to hear from K-12 parents. We love the school and will look for ways to get involved."