K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Yearbook Staff Wins Award at Camp

Work began last week on the 2018-2019 edition of The Impact yearbookCo-Editors-In-Chief, Collin Tate and Hailey Braun, Journalism Editors, Susannah Hotchkiss and Amanda Boyd and Photographer Regina Stankiewicz attended Jostens Summer Workshop at South Shore Harbor Resort along with Yearbook Adviser, Kelly Galbreath and Photography Adviser, Rachael Lechman. They attended sessions on Visual/Verbal Connections, Modular Design, Creative Coverage Ideas, Headline Writing, Caption Writing, Photojournalism and Adobe InDesign, just to name a few. Many late hours were spent creating the cover, end sheets, title page, opening and closing spreads and design spreads.

CCS won the "Otto Award" for best opening/closing spread design and will display their award in the yearbook room. In addition to time spent planning the book, the yearbook staff relaxed for a few hours by attending a luau on Wednesday evening hosted by Jostens and taking a short trip to the Kemah Boardwalk on Thursday evening.

A big thank you goes out to the yearbook staff as they put in many extra hours during the week, on the weekends and in the summer each year in order to create the best yearbook possible. Yearbook is much more than a scrapbook. Yearbook students use 21st-century skills of technology including photo-editing software and Adobe InDesign to digitally produce a yearbook while using writing skills, communication skills and creativity to tell the story of the Cypress Christian School community in an engaging way. The staff demonstrates knowledge of graphic design and creative thinking when organizing information within the yearbook. Critical thinking is used to meet deadlines, track goals and utilize multimedia to market and disseminate information that aligns with and models an actual business. Yearbook students use all of their academic skills in a real-world context that will benefit them for success in college and beyond.