K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Where We're Going, We Won't Need Roads

Physics students participated in the third annual CCS Magnetic Levitation Derby. Each student designed and created their own magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) vehicle with magnets connected to the bottom so that it floated on the magnetic track, balancing between the downward force of gravity and the upward magnetic force. Small motors then propelled the vehicles down the track without friction.

Each class participated in timed races for which a Lightning Award was given to the fastest vehicle and a Turtle Award was given for the slowest vehicle.

2nd Period

Lightning – Konnor Kovacs

Turtle – JP Ademola

3rd Period

Lightning – Felipe Borrero

Turtle – Bella Kraft

4th Period

Lightning – Caroline Petru

Turtle – Polina Tran

7th Period

Lightning – Addison Brashier

Turtle – Luke Thompson

8th Period

Lightning – Brandon Newell

Turtle – Marc Coates


Additional Awards

Most Adorable – Tori Namanny

Most Car-Like – Abigail Trimmer

Most Creative – Mackenzie Henslee

Most Patriotic – Colin Davis

Most Yummy – Josh Yough

Judges’ Favorite – Campbell Fox

Overall Fastest Vehicle Award – Felipe Borrero