K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Where We Are Going, We Won't Need Roads

Physics students participated in the second annual CCS Magnetic Levitation Derby. Each student created their own magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) vehicle with magnets connected to the bottom so that it levitated on the magnetic track.

Each class participated in a timed race for which a Lightning Award was given to the fastest vehicle and a Turtle Award was given for the slowest vehicle.

1st Period

  • Lightning – Brayton Barber
  • Turtle – Ashley Deskin

2nd Period

  • Lightning – Christian Fleischhauer
  • Turtle – Colby Brennan

4th Period

  • Lightning – Daniel Macune
  • Turtle – Melanie Alvarez

5th Period

  • Lightning – Samantha Swan
  • Turtle – Tucker Fredrickson

Additional Awards:

  • Most CCS-Spirited – Joseph Carbone
  • Most Car-Like – Molly Mitton
  • Most Creative – Garrett Velez
  • Most Patriotic – Kara Otts
  • Judges’ Choice – Lauren Storey
  • Overall Fastest Vehicle Award – Daniel Macune