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Warrior Leadership Academy

Warrior Leadership Academy

Last week, members of the Warrior Leadership Academy joined Director of Culture, Coach Kris Hogan for lunch where he reminded everyone that there are always three things people talk about:

  1. People – which is the lowest level of conversation
  2. Events – a neutral kind of conversation
  3. Ideas – the highest level of conversation you can have

Ideas to consider:

All hard or big decisions should be made in advance. 

Think about going to church once you are in college. No one is there to remind you to get up, so if you do not decide you're going to make an effort to choose a church before that first Sunday in college, you are probably going to hit snooze on the alarm clock and just skip it. 

There are no ‘correct’ answers in life, only tradeoffs. 

You would like to stay close to home when going to college, that’s a good decision. However, remember that you might be trading off that there is a better college for you further away. Staying close to home, going further away, neither is right or wrong, you just have to trade off one for the other. 

Missing church during college doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, but you did decide to trade the temporary comfort of extra sleep for the message that may have spoken something important into your life or the group of people that you would have liked to meet with. Every decision is a tradeoff. 

What can you do to make the biggest impact on society?

Find a godly spouse and raise a godly family.