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Texas History Fair 2018-2019

Texas History Fair 2018-2019

On March 7, seventh-grade students concluded their work on Texas History Fair with presentations to parents, classmates and a panel of judges. A reception displaying students’ scrapbooks was well-attended by parents and students. 

Since early December, students became immersed in the life of their Texan by researching, writing and creating a scrapbook which incorporated several genres of writing. Pages highlighted various aspects of their life. 

  • Circle of Influence pages highlighted the role key individuals played in their life
  • Childhood Story pages included descriptive writing with fun anecdotes from their childhood
  • Journal pages were written in first person describing an obstacle or challenge faced
  • Quote pages highlighted meaningful quotes about or by their Texan
  • Newspaper Style Article pages detailed a significant achievement or accomplishment
  • Life and Legacy pages surveyed their life in words and pictures
  • Biblical Integration page highlighted a Bible verse and character trait

All who came to see this event were impressed by students’ hard work and final presentations. We celebrated their achievements with snacks for all! 

Congratulations to the Texas History Fair winners of 2018-2019 and to all who participated. We are proud of your perseverance and diligence throughout this journey!

Overall Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Ethan John (Topic: Jack Kilby)

2nd Place: Keaton Barbisch (Topic: George W. Bush)

3rd Place: Jackson Broussard (Topic: Red Adair)

Outstanding Research & Writing (in no particular order):

Ana Morales

Kynsie Ramirez

Owen Witschonke

Rising Star in Research & Writing (in no particular order):

Makena Pham

William Shappley

Outstanding Presentation (in no particular order):

Kiran Harper

Emma Jenny

Brayden Stovall

Rising Star in Presentation (in no particular order):

Claire Johnson

Macy Murray

Outstanding Scrapbook (in no particular order):

Brianna Lloyd

Robbie Mynes

Claire Petru

Rising Star in Scrapbook (in no particular order)

Lindsey Brashier

Alex Slabic

Overcomer Award:

Dillon Wolff