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TAPPS Fall Photo Contest

TAPPS Fall Photo Contest

This fall, high school photography students entered the TAPPS Photo Contest. With over 800 entries and 36 schools participating, our Warrior photographers earned eight awards for their hard work. Miss Lechman is proud of the way each of her 30 photography students is developing their photography knowledge and creativity. It is exciting to see our photographers earn recognition for their dedication to their craft.

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Award Winners:

Samantha Frankio:

Still Life/ Honorable Mention - The Calm After the Storm

Samantha explained her creative process this way, "I wanted an image that could shout, not whisper, because a picture that cannot speak is not worth listening too."

Ana Morales:

Sports/First Place - Going for the Touchdown

Sports/Honorable Mention – Flying High

Cityscape & Architecture/Second Place – Looking Up

Cityscape & Architecture/Honorable Mention – All Aboard

Informal Portrait/Honorable Mention - It’s Fall Y’all

Ana has waited years for this photography elective and says, “I love photography because a photograph holds memories and time stands still capturing the beauty in life.”

Landri Robinson:

Informal Portrait /Honorable Mention - In the Shadows

Landri says, “I love portrait photography because it gives me a way to express myself and others. Portraits allow me to connect with my subject in a creative way. Portrait photography also serves as an escape for me to not worry about life and be creative.”

For the first time, TAPPS offered a faculty division. Miss Lechman earned an Honorable Mention in the Sports division for Boys in Blue. When describing her method behind shooting sports she said, “Action photography keeps me anticipating the athletes’ movements and yields such impactful images of the students' love, dedication and passion for their sport.” She is looking forward to seeing the images her students create this spring.


CCS Entries: