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TAPPS Fall Photo Competition Finalists

TAPPS Fall Photo Competition Finalists

Congratulations to 14 students who entered several photos in the TAPPS Fall Photography Competition and received an art medal for their entries. There were various categories including Animals, Architecture, Still Life, Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, School Life and Experimental.

Ava Dugger - 9th grade

Gia Granato - 9th grade

Katherine Painter - 9th grade

Melanie Garcia - 10th grade

Justin Kostecki - 10th grade

Abigail Sanders - 10th grade

David Wahmhoff - 10th grade

Andrew Crawford - 11th grade

Lauren Nicholson - 11th grade

Elizabeth Romero - 11th grade

Abigail Davis - 12th grade

Campbell Fox - 12th grade

Avery Smith - 12th grade