K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

State Representative Oliverson Speaks to Texas History Classes

Dr. Tom Oliverson, local anesthesiologist, CCS dad and Representative of the 130th House District of the State of Texas, visited the seventh-grade Texas History classes this past Friday, May 11. He spoke to the students on how the Texas legislature functions and how bills make their way to becoming laws. He also helped students understand his role as a State Representative and the tasks that are a part of his job. He shared how his Christian faith impacts his role in government.

After his speech, a short Q&A session based on student questions provided an interesting end to the Representative’s visit. The questions ranged from whether he has met the President, whether he has received criticism for his faith and to his proposed solutions for voter fraud!

It was a fun and eye-opening experience for the seventh-grade to see a man so devoted to Christ serving his state and community through government. Thank you, Representative Oliverson!