K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Seventh-Grader Participates in ACSI Regional Spelling Bee

On Saturday, March 2, seventh-grader, Verena Shatby represented Cypress Christian School at the 2019 ACSI Regional Spelling Bee in Plano. The event was held at the headquarters of the South-Central ACSI region. Over 50 fifth through eighth-grade students from Christian schools in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas qualified for this regional event based on their oral spelling expertise as demonstrated at ACSI district bees.

Verena has participated in grade-level spelling bees at CCS and the district spelling bees for three years. She and other CCS qualifiers participated in the District Spelling Bee on January 18 at Alpha Omega Christian Academy in Huntsville. In the seventh-grade contest, Verena secured second place, which allowed her to move to the Grand Spelling Off for those in first through fourth places in grades 5-8. Verena persevered through this final round, earning second place and the opportunity to move on to the regional spelling bee. 

Verena describes her experience at the regional bee as, “A great opportunity, whether I win or lose. I realize that God is with me in any stressful situation. I am learning that I can always count on His wisdom and peace.”

We are grateful for the God-given talents that Verena uses every day as a CCS middle school student.