K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Seventh Grade Visits Lanier Theological Library

Recently, Mrs. Baldwin’s seventh-grade English students completed a novel study of Anna of Byzantium, and to complement the book they visited the Lanier Theological Library. They began the morning with a tour of the Stone Chapel. It was modeled after a sixth century Byzantine chapel in Cappadocia (Turkey). The students displayed their comprehensive Bible knowledge while studying the hand-painted frescos blanketing the ceiling of the chapel.

Next, the students toured the exhibits in the library. The impressive collection includes an original Dead Sea Scrolls fragment, a Qumran Scrolls Jar, a Tyndale 1536 New Testament, “The Great He Bible,” two stone tablets resembling those brought down by Moses, replica Mt. Nebo mosaic, papyrus fragments and a significant number of items from C.S. Lewis. The students were fascinated especially by the Dead Sea Scrolls fragment and the magnificent Qumran Scrolls Jar, of which there are only three additional jars in private hands worldwide, and this particular jar is the only one in the United States. The students were in awe of the circumstances necessary to preserve the Dead Sea Scrolls for thousands of years as well as the fact that the Scrolls themselves prove the veracity of the Word of God. Finally, the seventh graders were graciously welcomed at Chick-fil-A where they were fortunate enough to have the dining area to themselves.