K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Seventh-Grade History Fair 2020-2021

COVID-19 and limitations did not stop seventh grade from marching forward with History Fair for third quarter. Beginning in January, students became immersed in the life of their Texan by researching, writing and creating a PowerPoint presentation that incorporated several genres of writing. Students wrote “childhood stories” in first person, and “journal entries” focusing on a major challenge faced, were also written in first person. The semester concluded with a formal research paper written according to MLA 8 standards. Students learned how to tackle databases accessed through the Harris County Public Library, to incorporate in-text citations, to paraphrase texts, to skim sources and to weave quotes into their papers. Although parents could not attend presentations on campus, thanks to CCS technology, many parents joined via Zoom to watch the students deliver engaging presentations on the life of their “Famous Texan”. Classroom celebrations were enjoyed the day after presentations and awards were given to Ms. Lazar’s students and Mrs. Baldwin’s students. Congratulations to the Texas History Fair winners of 2020-21 and to all who participated.

Outstanding Research & Writing (in no particular order):
Zoe Brashier, Finn Howren, Allie Boujaoude, Madeline Boctor

Rising Star in Research & Writing (in no particular order):
Caliea Chalton, Sophie Fransen, Jaclyn Millender, Grace Philipp, Trey Hallinan

Outstanding Presentation (in no particular order):
Corinne Keim, Katie Martin, Tatum Webb, Michael Conomos

Rising Star in Presentation (in no particular order):
Jack Arsenault, Maddie McKnight, Mary Wax, Logan Oliverson, Caden Kreitz