K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Seeing God's Hand in a Microscopic Cell

Last month, seventh-grade life science classes had a great time building edible cells in class. Utilizing a large sugar cookie as the base, pairs of students showed their creativity and knowledge of the parts of a cell by using items such as frosting, jello, gummy worms, fruit, candy, crackers and many other confections to represent the parts of either a plant or animal cell.

Students reviewed their cells with Ms. McCurdy and were graded based on their creativity, how well they used different foods to represent the cell‘s organelles (the tiny cell parts) and their understanding of each organelle’s function in the cell. Of course, the best part was getting to sample the candy as they worked and then enjoying the finished product! Special thanks go to our wonderful seventh-grade parents who made the sugar cookies used as the base for the cells and to those who helped during the class when students were constructing the cells. Praise God for the intricate beauty and wonder He built into the living cell!

Our very own Mrs. Teague was Ms. McCurdy's seventh-grade science teacher at First Baptist Academy in the 2004-2005 school year! She was proud to visit Ms. McCurdy's class and view the student's finished projects. She even provided us with a photo of Ms. McCurdy with her own edible cell project.