K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Secondary Spiritual Emphasis Days

Cypress Christian School offers our students tremendous academic opportunities in the classroom every day. What makes CCS distinct is our intentional daily effort to also teach God’s Word and His biblical truth in our school community, in our classes and in our conversations. In order to start 2019 with an intentional focus on God’s Word, the students in grades 6-12 met last week for three special chapels for the annual CCS Spiritual Emphasis Days.

This year’s chapels featured a return visit by Axis, a Christian group of speakers based in Colorado, who presented a series called “The Marketplace of Ideas.”

During the three chapels the students listened to and discussed the following topics:

  • Along Together: We explored the effect of technology on our faith and our relationships. The students were challenged to consider questions like:
    • “Is social media making me more or less human?”
    • “Is the virtual me the real me?”
    • “Is social media impacting my relationships?”
  • We Are What We Love: This chapel took a hard look at what we really care about. By looking at contemporary music, movies and various other media, the students looked at what and where we choose to spend our time and decide if it points us toward Christ or away from Him.
  • Spend Yourself: Jesus tells us that if we want to gain life, we much give it away. The life of following Christ means living a life of service and compassion. Our culture has become self-focused which creates a daily conflict. The students spent time discussing practical opportunities to move from apathy to compassionate action.

It is our prayer that this biblical focus will start 2019 on a firm foundation that will assist all of the students and faculty in having an amazing spring semester.