K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Secondary Rodeo Art

Secondary Rodeo Art

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Competition for Private and Parochial Schools was held at the NRG Stadium on Monday, January 13 with 50 schools attending from all over the Houston and surrounding areas.

Students awarded Finalist ribbons for their artwork representing CCS:

High School

Tyson Anding - 9th grade

Parker Coates - 9th grade

Grant Mathews - 10th grade

Abigail Sanders - 10th grade

Kaitlyn Jedlicka - 11th grade

Elizabeth Richardson - 11th grade

Katie Bretz - 12th grade

Marc Coates - 12th grade

Meredith Sanders - 12th grade

Avery Smith - 12th grade


Middle School

Charles Dendy - 6th grade

Thomas Shappley - 6th grade

Zak Wright - 6th grade

Kayla Barfoot - 7th grade

Hope Hotchkiss - 7th grade

Brandon Keith - 7th grade

Paige Petru - 7th grade

Kennedy Schwartz - 7th grade

Lindsey Brashier - 8th grade

Alex Slabic - 8th grade


Congratulations to these students on a job well done using their gifts to create special art for this competition.