K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

New High School Service Opportunity

The Cypress Christian School high school administration is pleased to announce an additional student service opportunity that we will be initiating this year in Warrior Tribes, our high school small group discipleship program.

Our Warrior Tribes provide all of our students a place to share what they are learning about Christ and discuss different aspects of the Christian life with faculty and staff adult leaders. Warrior Tribes also provide each student the opportunity to participate in service projects with their fellow students. This year, one or two students will be selected from each tribe and given the opportunity to serve their fellow students and work with their adult leaders as a tribal group/tribal team assistant.

This past spring the adult tribe leaders and high school administration were specifically looking for students in their group who regularly participated in the discussion time and showed an eagerness to volunteer for needs within the group. The teachers were also looking for students who demonstrated a positive attitude towards the school and those that have shown a desire to grow as a servant leader. Based on those observations, members of the school administration will be contacting various students from different grade levels about the possibility of helping as a student assistant in the Warrior Tribe program in the upcoming year.

High School Principal Jeff Mudrow will be spending extra time training and mentoring this team of students in these student roles of service and responsibility.