K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

New Elementary PE Lab

Elementary students in grades K-2 are having a fantastic time participating in a PE Lab this semester. Students rotate through movement stations that engage and develop different parts of the brain to improve academic readiness and behavior skills. 

Sadie shows off her core strength as she builds a tower of blocks while practicing "Superman!" Students will build muscles in their core, back and arms that will help them excel in academic tasks such as handwriting.

Caleb models an activity where students spin themselves on a seat similar to a sit-and-spin. This activity improves both overactive and underactive vestibular systems and helps improve the student's ability to focus. 

Jacob shows off his ability to throw a ball and catch it with only one bounce on the floor. This skill works on motor control and the comprehension of weight and distance. These skills help to improve the ability to sit and listen to a story, spatial awareness and visual tracking needed for reading.