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National Art Honor Society Officers for 2019-2020

National Art Honor Society Officers for 2019-2020

The National Art Honor Society elected their officers for the coming year during their last official meeting of this school year:

President: Gabby Kostecki

Vice-President: Justin Kostecki

Secretary: Tori Kraft

Historian: Abby Young

Chaplain: Abigail Sanders

Congratulations to all our new officers! We are looking forward to a very productive and successful new school year with all our NAHS members.

Also, CCS NAHS 2018-19 was published in the online national newsletter for NAHS. Five members’ artwork was published in the newsletter and our chapter was highlighted with their events of this school year. The five featured students are:

Abigail Sanders

Brittany Hough

Charlie Mills

Katie Bretz

Marc Coates