K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Middle School Math Olympics

In the fall semester, 18 middle-schoolers competed in the District Math Olympics. This month, 14 of those students will compete in the Area competition. 

Math Olympics Team:

6th Grade Computation - Kayla Barfoot, Audrey Fransen, Nicole Santos

6th Grade Reasoning - Ana Clements, Sasha Farrington, Jonathan Quarles

7th Grade Computation - Keaton Barbisch, Diego Sarmiento, Brayden Stovall

7th Grade Reasoning - Ethan John, Verena Shatby, Camille Zemke

8th Grade Computation - Russell Cates, Eun Ju Seo, Avery Utley

8th Grade Reasoning - Parker Coates, Aiden Oliverson, Chloe Roberson