K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Living Wax Museum 2018

Friends, family members, students and teachers attended this year’s sixth grade Living Wax Museum honoring heroes of our faith and heroes of our history.

More than 60 sixth grade students dressed in costumes and gave monologues as a culmination of their unit on biographies. Heroes of the faith like Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, Louis Zamperini, Corrie Ten Boom, Billy Graham and Eric Liddell were present. Also on hand were heroes of history like George Washington, Harriet Tubman, Davy Crockett and Clara Barton.

During the biography unit which precedes the event, the students read a biography of their choosing. The students learned to recognize the characteristics of biographies, recognize the causes and effects of major events in the life of their biographical subjects and analyze the character traits and how they are demonstrated in the life of each biographical subject. They also organized a timeline of major events in the life of their biographical subjects. Graphic organizers were used on poster boards for the students to display information during the Living Wax Museum. Students used knowledge from their book to design an appropriate costume and monologue.