K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Learning About our Creator

In Mr. Nugent's senior Bible class, students were put into small groups and given some clay. They were to “create” a new person or creature that would be with them all the time. They were to come up with unique characteristics that they would design into their new person or creature such as a built in alarm clock or a gaming system for them to play games together.

After creating their new best friend, they were given the task of brainstorming what methods they would choose to show their BFF that they created it and it was made uniquely to be with them. They discussed how far they would go to let this BFF know it was created to be with them and how they would respond if they did not want to have a relationship with their creator. The activity was then related to the great lengths that God goes to daily to make Himself known to us, his creation.