K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Kindergarten Student Raises Money for Run-4-Fun

Recently, kindergarten student Nathaniel Hull and his dad built a snack stand to sell lemonade and snacks to raise money for Run-4-Fun. He has worked so very hard with great fervor and enthusiasm along the way. Nathaniel helped with building the stand, painting the sign, going to the grocery store to pick out products and sharing why he was selling and raising money for the school. His heart all during this project has been for his friends, classmates and others at school. He is excited that the money he is raising is helping them and CCS. He’s a natural salesman, saying things like, “Welcome to Nathaniel’s Snack Stand, I’m raising money for my school, Cypress Christian, what would you like?” and “You look thirsty, how about a drink” or “You look hungry, how about a snack?”

Several people from the community have stopped by to support him and the cause. One of his customers even let him sit in his cool classic car. So far, Nathaniel has raised $770 from his snack stand!