K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Junior Leadership Day

The junior class participated in the annual rising senior day, focusing on leadership and team building. The class was divided into smaller groups and taken through a series of mental challenges and activities designed to build relationships and leadership skills at Escape Now Houston. The escape room was designed to emphasize teamwork, trust and communication, resulting in different leaders stepping forward.

The students were able to bring their new teamwork mentality back to campus where they enjoyed competitive kickball games, BBQ lunch and tug of war contests as a class. The encouragement that students had for each other and the amount of laughter on the field showed the students' ability to reach out to the rest of the junior class to reach common goals.

The goal for the retreat was to set the tone for the junior class as they prepare to be the leaders of the school and to build stronger relationships within the class as they enter into their senior year at CCS. Coach Spenn capped off the day with a leadership session on goals and vision, followed by a visit from Kona Ice.