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Interesting Discoveries from the 2018 Science Fair

Every year, eighth-grade students choose a science fair topic that they find particularly interesting. Some of the results impact everyday life in the most surprising ways! Below you will find a few of the discoveries from this year that may shock you.


  • Which batteries should you buy? Trevor Ott’s experiment - “Battle of the Brands” proved that the Kroger brand Alkaline batteries outlasted Duracell AND Energizer at a fraction of the price!
  • How should you store your bananas? Will Hotchkiss’s experiment - “Banana Extravaganza” found out that the best way to store bananas is to separate them from the bunch so that none of the bananas are touching. This reduces the amount of ethylene that the bananas produce since the production of ethylene is a positive feedback loop in fruit.
  • Which bananas should you buy? Abigail Sanders discovered that although organic bananas ripen faster, their overall sugar content does not surpass the inorganic bananas in her experiment - “Banana Race” and that the overall change was not significant. The conclusion is that you should buy the ones you prefer and they will ultimately last the same amount of time!
  • When should you put away your phone? Jacob Swan has gathered conclusive evidence that screen time interrupts your sleep patterns in his experiment - “Too Much Screen Time Affecting Your Dream Time?” He recommends shutting off all devices with screens one hour before bedtime for optimal sleep.
  • Which flushable wipes are the best? Jackson Owen studied the rate of decomposition of different flushable wipes and discovered that “Cottonelle” is the only brand that fully decomposed when soaking in water or bleach and recommends purchasing these if you want to limit your impact on the environment.
  • Does mascara matter? Lauren Whitmarsh’s experiment - “Do you get what you pay for?” discovered that Clinique’s version of waterproof mascara dissolved the least when soaked in water or saline, but the difference between Clinique and Elf were minimal, with Elf being significantly cheaper.
  • Where should you be cleaning more in your kitchen? Camryn Whitmarsh learned from her experiment that the sink and the trash can hold the most bacteria when she grew their samples in the lab.