K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Elementary Art

This year, the elementary entered 10 pieces, from 10 different students to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Art Show. The students who represented our school received nine Finalist Ribbons and one Gold Medal. It is difficult to, first be chosen to participate in this contest, but to win a Gold Medal is extremely difficult. This year, we were blessed to have a student be awarded such a high honor, as the Gold Medal. Here is the list of all of the participants.

  • Third grade - Vivian Arthur
  • Fourth grade - Lyon Absalom
  • Fifth grade - Emma Estrada, Michelle Leyrer, Mandryk Hawryluk, Anna Knox, Emma Oliverson, Audrey Petru and Sarah Swan
  • Gold Medal Recipient - Chelsea Scott, Fifth Grade

The students' artwork is displayed in the Library, facing out into the Elementary Lobby. Displayed there is also a photocopy of Chelsea's artwork. Her actual piece is now competing with all the public school winners for a place in the School Art Auction. Her artwork will be on display at this year's Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.