K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Honoring Mr. Thomas Martin

Our elementary art teacher, Mr. Martin, is retiring after 18 years of faithful service at CCS. Mr. Martin has made significant contributions at Cypress Christian School and leaves behind a great legacy of excellent teaching and strong Christian character. He has laid a great foundation through the years for our students to learn about and appreciate art and has continually encouraged them to find and use their artistic gifts. Many students have been able to showcase these gifts through the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Contest. With Mr. Martin’s leadership, CCS has had numerous elementary students experience the joy of being recognized for their artistic talent through the Houston Rodeo. We are thankful for Mr. Martin’s years of service for the cause of Christ through investing in the lives of children and training the next generation of Warriors for the Kingdom.

Mr. Martin would say his greatest joy is his family, and these days it’s the addition of his wonderful grandchildren, Cason and Brooke. This year, one of his greatest blessings was his kindergarten grandson drawing a picture of himself and PawPaw. Cason did it because he loves PawPaw’s paintings. He even signed it as his PawPaw does.

Mr. Martin has continued working on his own art through the years and has entered and won several art contests, including one recently for the one shown below. In all of his years of painting, he has had many memorable opportunities, including painting for the Houston Texans. Touching the lives of all of his students has been the most special opportunity of all. The greatest gift he has given his students is learning to see the beauty of God’s creation and to draw and paint it and see it come to life once more.

God has given him a gift that he has been able to share in many ways through the years, in his paintings, and even more in inspiring students to be all they can be through art. He will be greatly missed!

He will be spending his retirement continuing his passion for art, looking to do art shows once again, and enjoying his family, especially those grandchildren!