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High School Academic & Athletic Awards

On Thursday, May 20, the high school administration honored high school students with both academic and athletic awards. To see the scholarships that were awarded to senior students, please click here. To view a video of the ceremony, please click here.


Highest GPA

The following students have earned the highest GPA for their grade level:

  • Grade 11: Grace Macune
  • Grade 10: Gillian Storey
  • Grade 9:  Keaton Barbisch






AP Scholars

As an AP Capstone School, CCS attempts to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to take AP classes because they are some of the best at preparing students for college classes. AP Scholars who have scored a 3 or higher on three or more AP exams:

  • Andrew Crawford
  • Paige Jackson
  • Lauren Nicholson
  • David Quarles
  • Abby Young

Students who have scored a 3 or higher on four or more AP exams earn recognition as an AP Scholar with Honors Award:

  • Katelyn Jedlicka

Students who have earned a minimum of 3.5 on all AP exams and scored 3 or more on at least five exams earning the AP Scholar with Distinction Award:

  • Abby Gilreath
  • Josh Storey
  • Blake Stovall
  • Jaden Tran
  • Sydney Wax
  • Preston Witschonke

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award

The Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award recognizes and rewards individuals, male or female, who possess the qualities of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism in their homes, schools and communities. The student selected to receive this year’s award is the definition of a servant leader, representing CCS with enthusiasm, integrity and humility and actively seeking opportunities to serve our broader community. This student is David Quarles.









Bible Department Award

The student who earns the Bible Department award should not only excel academically but should also demonstrate Christian character in their relationships with both their peers and their teachers in class and within the community, modeling a servant’s heart while demonstrating joyfulness and a desire to grow in their relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Phil. 4:4-9).

Lynden Yough very much embodies the qualities just described. While it can be tempting to view Bible class as merely a box to be checked off, Lynden has consistently gone above and beyond the minimum requirements. When tasked with memorizing a Psalm of at least six verses, Lynden chose to memorize one with twelve. When asked to use at least half a page to reflect on assigned Scripture reading, Lynden consistently fills up pages with notes, observations and reflections. These instances are not outliers, but examples of her heart to know, understand and apply God’s Word. This latter element is perhaps most noticeable to those around her. Lynden always has a smile on her face along with a kind word. When she asks how you are doing, she means it. When meeting as a department to determine the recipient of this award, it was an easy choice to make. For academic excellence and a joyful servant’s heart, this award goes to Lynden Yough.

English Department Award

The recipient of the academic award in English is a student who consistently demonstrates a keen ability to discern and develop critical analyses of complex reading passages while simultaneously refining a writing style that is reflective and reasoned. In addition, this student excels in class discussions, often leading peers to challenge their own perspectives on both historical and current events as well as classic literature. This student dependably exhibits mastery through investigation, composition and deliberation.

We have one student who embodies these qualities, and to know her is to love her. Sydney Wax is an English teacher’s dream. In tenth grade, Mrs. Lambert sat astounded at the maturity and depth with which she facilitated Socratic Seminars. Sydney has the unique gift of gleaning truth from fiction and applying those lessons to her life. She writes about literature with an advanced sense of empathy for the characters and seeks to articulate the complex nature of their relationships. Within our prestigious AP Capstone program, Sydney’s academic dexterity blossomed year over year. Her language is graceful precise, and controlled. What a privilege it is to watch her journey begin. CCS will miss her wit, opinions and joy, but today, we celebrate her success and honor her sagacity.

Foreign Language Department Award

The Spanish award is given to the student that has demonstrated a desire to become not only proficient in the language but endeavors to be completely bilingual. The motivation to learn about culture: the people, their practices and the products of Spanish-speaking communities throughout the world is evident. This student has a willingness to take risks and learn from failure, understanding that the objective is communication with others rather than perfect grammatical accuracy or perfect test scores. This goal has been achieved by Ana Sofia Navarro and she has moved outside of her comfort zone by using Spanish outside of the classroom setting and will ultimately reach others for Christ.




History Department Award

Ernest Heming said, “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” Preston Witschonke stopped to talk to Dr. Morales during carpool to tell him that he remembered a quote from his WHAP book when writing an essay. After that, I stopped listening because I was just happy to hear a student took more than just academic fodder from the class. He remembers Preston saying he used a quote from Martin Luther from the Protestant Reformation. And because he stopped listening to Preston, Dr. Morales forgot the quote he used. So, he asked Preston's dad, Dr. Witchonke, and his dad also did not remember. Dr. W. texted Preston and asked him for the quote. The quote says, "What was supposed to be a minor academic debate became a major split in the Roman Catholic Church." Dr. Morales says, "Preston, thank you for reminding me that school is more than an academic endeavor for all students and 'you can ask why' all you want, but it doesn't mean a thing if you're not listening to the answer." 


Math Department Award

The recipient of the academic award in mathematics is a student who demonstrates an interest in the application of the concepts and not just the process, consistently participating in class discussions via asking relevant questions to clarify understanding and supplementing explanations with additional contexts in which the concepts can be applied. The student demonstrates an ability to move from the affective domain of learning to the cognitive domain evidenced by the student’s comprehensive justifications on assessments and willingness to assist peers in their pursuit of understanding, cognizant that, “to teach is to learn twice” and therefore seeking opportunities to impart knowledge if only to reinforce one’s own learning.

This award goes to Judah Kelly. He not only demonstrates a high level of understanding in math but is also willing to help and teach others when working on an assignment. He has even been known to make sure everyone has their homework done in advance. 

Science Department Award

  • Demonstrates persistence and diligence in the science classroom
  • Consistently turns in all assignments with excellence
  • Demonstrates an active interest in applied science
  • Demonstrates leadership in the science classroom
  • Initiates individual science projects or demonstrates interest in going beyond the regular classroom activities and assignments

Abigail Gilreath is this year's outstanding science student for high school. The science department selected Abby to receive this award due to her unwavering pursuit of knowledge and application of this knowledge to problem-solving in the science classroom. Abby has been a model student, both in her performance in the classroom and in her willingness to help others. Dr. Longridge had the distinct privilege of having Abby both as a sophomore and a senior and she can recount the numerous times that Abby went above and beyond what was asked of her, always willing to help a fellow student with a difficult problem or explain a concept in simpler terms.

Principal's Leadership Award

As a school, one of the character qualities that we see as being vital for our students to learn and participate while at CCS is that of leadership. As adults, we have all encountered different types of leadership that have been either, good, bad or indifferent. Those that are good at leading were not created overnight but have taken practice and learning to craft their leadership style. This year, as Dr. Berens has walked the halls and watched these high school students live out leadership opportunities, one student has truly stood out amongst their peers. This student was one of the first in Dr. Berens' office as he got to campus last summer. He led in the classroom, he led in cheering for his peers, he led on the court and track and most importantly he led with his faith. To watch a high school senior lead his peers on a regular prayer walk around campus is something special. The winner of this year’s Principal's Leadership Award is Blake Stovall.

Barnabas Servant Leadership Award

Barnabas in the Bible was a gracious personality, characterized by his generous disposition. The student who displays these characteristics in her service to others is Koedi Nealy.










Military Appointment – West Point

Congratulation to John Macune, who has received an appointment to and will attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. 











Academic All-State

Academic excellence is a core value of the CCS mission statement. This award provides the opportunity to recognize individual students who are true to this core value while competing well in the area of athletics. The Academic All-State Award is given to athletes who not only have been recognized for their contributions on the field but have also shown themselves to be dedicated students in the classroom. To qualify, students must be juniors or seniors, have qualified for a state tournament in lifetime sports or have been voted first or second-team all-district, while having an academic average of 90% or better.

Academic All-State Athletes-Boys

  • Jacob Swan-Football/Baseball
  • Cody Andrus-Football/Track
  • Joshua Storey-Football/Soccer
  • Grayson Beckman-Football/Baseball
  • Griffin Fisk-Football
  • Jackson Owen-Football/Baseball/Track and Field
  • Jackson Braun-Football/Baseball/Track and Field
  • Preston Witschonke-Football/Basketball
  • John Macune-Football/Soccer
  • Alex Andrus-Football
  • Nile Austin-Basketball
  • Noah Parker-Basketball
  • Blake Stovall-Basketball/Track and Field
  • David Quarles-Basketball
  • Jalen Young-Basketball/Track and Field
  • Andrew Crawford-Soccer
  • Colin Burns-Soccer
  • Micah Betz-Swim
  • Coleman Mabry-Swim/Track and Field
  • Jaden Tran-Swim
  • Andrew Williams-Swim
  • Cole Wisenbaker-Baseball
  • Dion Thompson-Baseball
  • Pearson Pollard-Baseball
  • Ryan Randall-Track and Field
  • Matthew McClellan-Track and Field
  • Will Hotchkiss-Track and Field
  • Andrew Smith-Track and Field
  • Erich Sachteben-Track and Field

Academic All-State Athletes-Girls

  • Isabella Henslee-Volleyball
  • Caroline Usry-Volleyball/Soccer/Softball
  • Kelsey Wimsatt-Volleyball/Softball
  • Lauren Nicholson-Volleyball
  • Camry Whitmarsh-Volleyball/Swim
  • Grace Macune-Basketball
  • Lynden Yough-Basketball
  • Elizabeth Richardson-Basketball/Golf
  • Abby Young-Basketball
  • Stacey Muthoka-Basketball
  • Casey Barbisch-Basketball
  • Faith Cullison-Soccer/Track and Field
  • Rachel Smith-Soccer
  • Audrey Mills-Soccer
  • Libby Mitton-Swim
  • Koedi Nealy-Swim
  • Lauren Whitmarsh-Swim
  • Abigail Gilreath-Golf
  • Makayla Williams-Softball
  • Abbie Hirth-Track and Field
  • Paige Jackson-Track and Field

All-State Athletes

The highest TAPPS award that an individual athlete can earn is to be named to the All-State Team. These athletes were first voted to the All-District First Team by their own District coaches. From there, they are voted on by coaches from across the state to be named to the TAPPS All-State Team. This is a very big honor that is earned by very few athletes...so they also sign a special sport-related item, kept in the CCS trophy case to permanently display this accomplishment. 

 All-State Athletes



  • Jacob Swan
  • First Team Offense/Defense
  • Cody Andrus
  • First Team Offense
  • Joshua Storey
  • First Team Offense
  • Zeke Hogan
  • Honorable Mention Offense
  • Jacob Swan
  • First Team Defense
  • Griffin Fisk
  • First Team Defense
  • Grayson Beckman
  • First Team Defense
  • Jackson Owen
  • First Team Defense
  • Jackson Braun
  • Second Team Defense
  • Jacob Rauch
  • Honorable Mention Defense

Basketball Boys All-State Athletes

  • Nile Austin
  • First Team
  • Noah Parker
  • Honorable Mention
  • Blake Stovall
  • Honorable Mention

Soccer Boys All-State Athletes

  • Joshua Storey
  • Second Team Offense
  • Andrew Crawford
  • Honorable Mention-Midfield

Track and Field Boys All-State Athletes

  • Will Hotchkiss
  • First Team
  • Jackson Owen
  • First Team
  • Cody Andrus
  • First Team
  • Jackson Braun
  • First Team
  • Andrew Smith
  • First Team
  • Jalen Young
  • Second Team
  • Coleman Mabry
  • Second Team
  • Price Schultea
  • Second Team
  • Blake Stovall
  • Second Team
  • Matthew McClellan
  • Honorable Mention
  • Max Landrum
  • Honorable Mention

Baseball All-State Athletes

  • Cole Wisenbaker
  • First Team
  •  Austin Cheek
  • Second Team
  •  Jackson Owen
  • Honorable Mention
  •  Jacob Swan
  • Honorable Mention

Volleyball All-State Athlete

  • Isabella Henslee
  • Honorable Mention

Basketball Girls All-State Athletes

  • Lynden Yough
  • Second Team
  • Sarah Jane Olenick
  • Honorable Mention

Soccer Girls All-State Athletes

  • Faith Cullison
  • Second Team Offense
  • Rachel Smith
  • Second Team Midfield
  • Caroline Usry
  • Second Team Defense
  • Madison Wahl
  • Honorable Mention Defense
  • Maura Stricklin
  • Honorable Mention Keeper

Golf All-State Athlete

  • Elizabeth Richardson

Track and Field Girls All-State Athletes

  • Mariana Van Dyk
  • First Team
  • Sophia Swanton
  • First Team
  • Rilely Fox
  • First Team
  • Abbie Hirth
  • First Team
  • Paige Jackson
  • First Team

Softball All-State Athletes

  • Chole Roberson
  • First Team
  •  Lucy Davis
  • First Team
  •  Sarah Olenick
  • Second Team
  •  Caroline Usry
  • Honorable Mention

Valiant Warrior

The Valiant Warrior award is given to the male and female student who exhibit excellence in athletics, leadership, determination, sportsmanship, Christian character, academic achievement and integrity.

The Valiant Warrior Award is a long-standing tradition where Cypress Christian School honors a student whose high school career has shown a high level of success in multiple sports, dedication in the classroom and an exemplary attitude. This award is earned by a student who is a strong representative of what it means to honor God, their family and represent the entire CCS family with a level of excellence that makes the entire Warrior Nation proud! The Valiant Warrior Award is the highest award given by CCS athletics.

The young lady who was voted as our Valiant Warrior for 2020-2021 is hard-working, talented, tenacious and a tremendous team leader. In her four years, she has been a good team player, understanding when to encourage, motivate and lead the team. She has never backed down from tough teams. In fact, she thrives on the challenge. She always believes in her team and will give every ounce of strength in her body to fight like a Warrior for victory. She works hard in practice and she knows how to step out on the court or the field ready for the battle in front of her.

This year she earned All-District First Team honors in volleyball, while also making the Academic All-State Team. She then moved to soccer and helped to lead her team to the Final Four in TAPPS State. She was voted the Top Defensive Player in the district, and also earned Second Team All-State in defense, while once again, being recognized for Academic All-State.

In the spring season, she continued as a Lady Warrior Softball player and made the decision to become a member of the track and field team simply because she wanted to contribute to another CCS team. In softball, she earned All-District First Team honors, and she was also named to the Academic All-State team. She was a part of the district champion track and field team!

As you can see, she likes to be busy but she not only is busy, she maintained a high GPA. Surrounded by incredible athletes, this young lady has stood out for not only her abilities on the court and the field, but she has also proven to stand out in her academics, her leadership and her strength of character. She is truly a Valiant Warrior...she is, Caroline Usry!

We also recognize a young man who has been a standout in the classroom and the field. He’s been a leader of every team he has ever been on. There are not a lot of people who would be an All-State athlete in any sport they participated in, but this young man is one of those rare exceptions...he can do it all. Not only is he one of the best all-around athletes you will ever see, but he is a great leader. He is complete in his overall development, not only in sports and academics but as a human being. His intentionality in leading himself carries over into his ability to influence, not only his peers but his younger classmates, who respect him so much. This young man is a winner. He does not have bad practices and on game day, his performance is virtually guaranteed. No stage in high school has ever been too big for him...in fact, the bigger the game, the better he plays!

He has participated in four varsity sports in his high school career; football, soccer, track and field and golf, earning a spot on the All-State teams in both football and soccer. In football, he was an almost a unanimous first-team All-State player, displaying gifted talent both in games and in practice that routinely wowed opponents and his teammates. In soccer, he was the district’s top offensive player, All-State Second Team and achieved these levels of performance while maintaining his standing as an Academic All-State qualifier. This is a guy who could walk onto any 6A campus in the area and be an immediate starter. He is a standout athlete.

And, while it’s true, he receives a lot of respect because of how talented an athlete he is. It is more impressive that he is the most influential speaker in every locker room because of one thing...the man he is. He is the definition of walking the talk and leading by example. When he talks, everybody listens; because what he is imploring you to be, it is very evident he already is.

When asking the coaches about him, everyone agrees he is a top athlete, but they are even more impressed with who he is as a person, his character, his competitiveness and his uncommon Biblical and mature perspective! A great athlete, who leads by example, even as a freshman H has grown into an incredible young man who shines in academics, leadership and Christian Character. This is a Warrior we would all want to go to battle with. The male 2020-2021 Valiant Warrior is Joshua Storey.