K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Freshman Student Builds Cart for Drumline and Hornline

Hauling the drumline and hornline equipment to football and basketball games has proven to be a bit overwhelming. Unfortunately, most of the pre-made equipment carts do not meet the needs of the Warrior Drumline and Hornline. 

In searching for a solution, Dr. Witschonke asked the group's parents if anyone knew of a company that might be able to help us design and construct our own custom cart. The Lloyd family has a friend with a welding shop, but rather than have this friend create the cart, freshman Brianna Lloyd took Dr. Witschonke's plans and constructed the cart herself. Over the past few months, she has learned how to weld and use a plasma cutter. With these new skills, she was able to complete the construction of the brand new equipment cart. It was delivered in time to make its debut at the home football game tomorrow night.