K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Fourth-Grade State "Parade Floats"

Students in fourth grade recently completed a unit on research and informational writing in Mrs. Young’s class. Each student selected one of the 50 states in a drawing. Using their assigned state, students learned how to safely research online and take notes. Those notes were then used to write a multi-paragraph informational essay. Students also worked with Mrs. Young and Mrs. Zapico, the elementary technology teacher, to create a PowerPoint presentation using their notes. The culmination of this unit was an at-home project with students using a rubric to design a state “parade float” to share information about the state. Students enjoyed presenting their PowerPoint presentations and state floats to their classmates as they practiced public speaking skills. Mrs. Young is very proud of her students for working hard to complete all of the steps of this unit. The creativity of the students shone through in their writing, their PowerPoint presentations and their floats. Great work, everyone!