K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

First Chapel Services in new Campus Life Center and Gym May 2017

On Wed, May 10, grades K-8 held chapel services in the new Campus Life Center and Gym for the very first time. The gym was packed with parents of second grade students who led worship for their chapel with their "STOMP" presentation. Students clanked pot lids together, banged on trashcans and buckets, and shook water bottles filled with beads all while singing about the great God we serve. Altogether, the students sang and made a joyful noise unto The Lord.

Evan Weppler (CCS alumnus from the class of '07 and Cypress Bible Church Elementary Children's Pastor) spoke to both elementary and middle school students about the "Signs of our Creator." Using Lego bricks, he explained the different reasons we can trust in our Creator. "Random Lego bricks can't be thrown together to make something-- likewise, life couldn't come together just by chance. Every part of creation is complex. The new building had a designer, a design and a purpose--the same is true of all of life! All of creation is complex. The odds of life starting on its own--basically impossible. Things don't just get better and improve over time on their own. Every part of creation, especially humanity, reflects a personal, powerful Creator. But, in the end, we must all make a choice of faith."

Evan said, "It's always great to come back to CCS and see how much it has grown over the years. I always enjoy seeing younger students growing in their faith and enjoy being able to encourage them through an engaging message. It's even more exciting now, as some of the kids at CBC attend CCS, and I can see how God can work in their lives through the combined influences of church, family and school. It's a privilege to serve and speak at CCS."